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What is the secret of Maaloul and Ferjani’s popularity among the Al-Ahly and Zamalek fans in Egypt?

Although the clubs Egyptian League Al-Mumtazat currently includes more than 15 Tunisian players, the favor that Ali Maaloul finds among Al-Ahly fans and the wide popularity enjoyed by Ferjani Sassi among Zamalek fans has gone beyond the green rectangle and stadiums and appeared even outside the stadium walls.

Since moving to Al-Ahly Club in 2016, he has come from Sfaxine Tunisian, Ali Maaloul became the cornerstone of the team and actively contributed to the boom in domestic and continental titles that the Century Club achieved in Africa.

Ali Maaloul derives its popularity in Egypt In general, and among Al-Ahly fans in particular, his remarkable brilliance and clear imprint on the left side of the defense, as well as his offensive qualities, as his defensive position did not prevent him from scoring decisive goals.

And it’s growing in popularity Meaningful In Egypt in the 2017 season, when he contributed greatly to Al-Ahly’s victories over two Tunisian clubs, namely Tunisia’s Esperance In the quarter-finals and Coastal Star In the semi-finals African Champions League, After scoring a goal against each of them, which increased the attachment of the supporters of the Red Castle team.

And the player turned into an icon in the club Ahly Its stature is comparable to even the football stars in Egypt, since its arrival from Tunisian Sfaxien In the summer of 2016.

During the past four seasons, the Tunisian player has achieved a trophy-filled career and his mark was evident in most of the team’s coronations.

Ali Maaloul won the Egyptian League title on 4 consecutive occasions and won the Best Player award in Al-Ahly Club last season.

He also won the Egypt Cup African Champions League And third place in the FIFA Clubs World Cup 2020.

The player, born in 1990 in the city of Sfax (south), shone with his club Mother Sfaxien, especially in the 2015/2016 season, when he was crowned top scorer with 16 goals as the first defender in the history of the Tunisian League to win that award.

He attributed the former star to Al-Ahly, a former Tunisian national team player Anais Boujelban On the popularity of Maaloul and Sassi with their wide artistic potential and remarkable success in providing an addition to Al-Ahly and Zamalek, as well as their group spirit and discipline on and off the stadium.

Boujelban told Sky News Arabia: “Egyptian clubs put the player at the forefront of their attention and pave the way for success and integration, and this facilitated Maaloul and Sassi’s brilliance and won them great popularity.

Boujelban played in Al-Ahly between 2007 and 2010 and crowned the league title three times and the Egypt Cup, and he also won the 2008 African Champions League, the African Super League and the Egyptian Super Cup on two occasions.

Ferjani Sassi

As for Ferjani Sassi, an elected midfielder Eagles of Carthage, Who has been a professional at Zamalek club since 2018, he has occupied everyone in Egypt and among the fans of the White Castle and the number of his followers on the communication platforms is in the millions, as the Tunisian player enjoys a great position among the fans.

Al-Ferjani played a major role in the resurrection of the championship sun in Zamalek, where he led him to crown the Confederation Cup, the African Super Cup in 2020, the Egypt Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup, as well as reaching the final of the African Champions League last November.

Sassi’s popularity increased and was more evident during the participation of the Tunisian team in the 2019 African Nations Cup, which was hosted by Egypt, where the Egyptian fans chanted his name in the matches of the Carthage Eagles.

Ferjani Sassi revealed to Tunisian and Egyptian media that he feels a strong connection with Zamalek And his fans shortly after wearing the club’s jersey.

He added that his exclusivity with great love and appreciation from the fans increased his attachment to the team and a desire to find a formula to extend his experience.

This comes in light of information circulating about the player’s departure from the Zamalek home and his move to the club Al Duhail Qatar But club officials are still making serious attempts to persuade him to stay.

The former player, Esperance and Sfaxi, said, “There is no truth to the news about imposing unfair financial conditions in order to extend my contract, my distinguished relations with all parties, and the issue of renewing my contract remains on the table, even if the matter is still premature.”

It is noteworthy that the widespread popularity of Tunisian players in Al-Ahly and Zamalek prompted even the presenters of some television programs to exploit that popularity, as Ferjani Sassi and Ali Maaloul appeared in the landfill program of Ramiz Jalal, and the program “With You, Mona El-Shazly” hosted Al-Ahly player Ali Maaloul to talk about his football career and his personal life.