September 18, 2021

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Urgent communication from Alaa and Gamal Mubarak reveals surprises against senior officials

El-Deeb revealed loopholes, which he described in his memo as fabricating the case to trap his clients in it, and despite their obtaining a final ruling and acquittal on February 19, 2020.

Al-Deeb said in his statement, that it became clear from reading the reasons for the ruling that the court that issued it proved that all the accusations mentioned in the referral order are baseless for all the accused, whether from the point of view of reality or from the point of view of the law, and that the accusation against Alaa and Gamal Mubarak is completely false from the outset.

According to the report, the court said, with regard to the sixth defendant, Gamal Mohamed Hosni Al-Sayed Mubarak, and what was revealed by the examination of the committee formed by the court, that the aforementioned had no transactions in his name on the shares of the National Bank on the stock exchange, and that the fourth defendant, Yasser Suleiman, indicated in the indictment, did not empower the defendants. The sixth and seventh obtained unjustified profit and benefit from the work of their job by exploiting his functional competence, to conceal material information, which is the agreement of major shareholders to sell the shares of the National Bank to a strategic investor, who was not appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt, on the date of the decision of the Investment Committee of the company Hermes Investment decided to buy shares of the National Bank.
The communication continued: “There are no transactions of the sixth accused in his name on the stock exchange, and all transactions take place indirectly, through the establishment of companies through which he deals in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and that all that went to the sixth accused from the Al-Watani Bank of Egypt deal, is a share of distributions in the profits of Billion Company. From 2007 according to his contribution to the company.

The communication added that the court added a text: Regarding the seventh defendant, Alaa Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, and what was revealed by the examination of the committee formed by the court, the aforementioned had purchased 290,000 shares in the name of his wife, Heidi Mohamed Magdy Rasekh, through EFG Hermes Securities, And that he is a client of that company and he has an account in his name through which the stock exchange is dealt with, and his wife has an account in the same company, and that he purchased the shares as a result of information available through the Reuters network, that the shares of the banks are promising as banks were being restructured in the banking sector as well as his experience in analyzing Global and local financial markets, which prompted him to buy those shares based on analyzes and estimates.

Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, the two sons of the late President Hosni Mubarak, demanded civil compensation from all 11 former high-ranking officials, and demanded 100,000 pounds, as temporary civil compensation for fabricating and orchestrating the stock exchange case – according to their description – in which they obtained a judgment.

They described Mubarak’s two sons, in the communication submitted to the Public Prosecutor; What happened with them in Case No. 10427 of 2012 Agouza and Restricted Felonies No. 889 of 2012 North Giza College, known in the media as the “Stock Exchange” or “National Bank Case”, that what happened constituted crimes of forgery in official documents and papers used and forged certificates to drag them into the case .

The two sons of the former president claimed, in their communication, that they discovered a felony of forgery in the facts of the case that was supported by documents that were mainly based on a report from a committee of experts assigned by the investigation authorities, and most of its members and its head were chosen by the head of the Financial Supervisory Authority, and the investigation report on the case proved his quest To hide the commission’s original report in the case from the defense and the court, according to the report.

The whistleblower claimed that the accusation was also based on the report of another committee issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority that was formed under the direction of the head of the authority and the selection of its members by his legal advisor, Counselor Khaled Al-Nashar, who headed that committee, which included two other members of the authority’s employees.

The facts of the communication and its attachments – according to the text of the communication – indicated that the case was based on successive procedures that were planned and prepared – according to the authors – with care, with the perpetrators’ insistence on achieving their goal, which was revealed by exposing the image of the fake report, concealing the original report and preventing it from reaching the defense and the court. And even uphold before the court the testimonies of witnesses who wrote the false report.

The statement said that the incident constitutes several crimes, demanding that everyone who had contact with it and had a direct or indirect role in it and had information that would help reveal more details about it, including personalities and former senior officials, should be questioned.