Turkey announces resumption of diplomatic contacts with Egypt

The official Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying Resume contacts Diplomacy between Egypt and Turkey today, Friday (March 12, 2021), “with the two countries not presenting any preconditions for the start of diplomatic contacts with the aim of returning relations to normalcy.” This came in exclusive statements to Anadolu and Turkish TV about developments in the files Foreign Policy.

In the past weeks, Ankara has intensified its statements of calm vis-à-vis Cairo, In light of the existence of a series of controversial issues between the two countries, including the conflict in Libya, where each of them supports one of the conflicting parties.

The Turkish minister indicated earlier this month that his country was “ready” to negotiate a new maritime agreement in the eastern Mediterranean with Cairo. On Friday, the Anadolu Agency quoted him as saying, “We have made contacts at the level of intelligence and my foreign ministries. Diplomatic contacts have begun,” explaining that the resumption of relations is taking place “in small steps” according to “a specific strategy, a roadmap.”

Çavuşolu added, “It is not easy to move as if nothing happened overnight, in light of the interruption of relations for long years,” adding that “(the normalization of relations) is taking place slowly through discussions, drawing a roadmap and taking steps on these issues.”

At the same time, the Turkish official mentioned that “there is no reason not to repair relations with Saudi Arabia,” adding, “If they take a positive step, we will do so as well.” The same applies to the UAE as well, ”according to Bloomberg News.

Relations between Turkey and Egypt became tense after the military ousted President Mohamed Morsi, who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, in 2013. Since then, disputes have erupted between Egypt and Turkey as well over issues including the maritime borders, Libya, Syria and Iraq.