Tonight, the crescent of Rajab adorns the sky of Egypt and the Arab world

Engineer Majed Abu Zahra, head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, announced that the crescent moon was observed in the sky of Egypt and the Arab world after sunset this evening Saturday 01 Rajab 1442 corresponding to February 13, 2021, and the move towards the beginning of the night, where it is easily seen with the naked eye, in case the sky is free of clouds.

Abu Zahra said on the association’s official page, that the moon will move away from the glow of sunset sunlight and become higher in the sky compared to last night, and within a few nights, he will notice that the non-lit side of the moon’s surface is lit by a faint light that is the light of the sun reflected from the earth and falling on the moon.

He added that the moon reached its conjugation position on Thursday evening, January 11 at 10:05 PM KSA time (07:05 PM GMT), thus ending a conjunct cycle around the Earth and beginning a new conjunct cycle.

Abu Zahra explained that, day after day, he will notice that the crescent of the moon increases its illumination and rises high in the sky at sunset and stays longer after the beginning of the night, because the moon moves away from the position of sunset.

Abu Zahra revealed that the reason we see the moon heading towards the west every day is that it is a result of the Earth’s rotation around its axis, but that the true movement of the moon is towards the east with respect to the stars and planets as it orbits around the earth.

And he continued: By observing the moon during the coming nights and weeks, it will be a guide to determine the positions of the planets and bright stars in the night sky.