The weather in Cairo and the governorates a significant drop in temperatures

The governorates of Egypt witnessed a remarkable decrease in temperatures, and the General Authority of Meteorology revealed the weather today, Tuesday, in all parts of the Republic, as a state of instability began with weather conditions throughout.

In a statement, the Meteorological Authority confirmed that there is a marked decrease in temperatures, and cold weather prevails in Cairo, Lower Egypt and the western coasts, and it tends to be cold in the north of Upper Egypt and the eastern coasts, and it is warm on the south of Upper Egypt only during the day.

The Meteorological Authority added that, within the framework of the warnings about the bad weather that the country is exposed to as a result of the presence of an air depression, satellite images have detected medium clouds multiplying over northern Libya and Egypt to Matrouh and accompanied by rain, and that clouds advance in the coming hours to Alexandria and the northern delta .

And the Meteorological Authority drew in its forecast of the weather today that there are active winds all over, causing dust and sand to reach the extent of a storm in northern Upper Egypt. It also expected heavy thunderstorms accompanied by hail sometimes in some areas in the different governorates, with opportunities for snow to fall in central Sinai, especially Saint Catherine.

As for the Luxor governorate, Tuesday morning has witnessed stability in the weather so far, with moderate winds and a slight decrease in temperatures, with slight cuts from the clouds in the sky, with the people of Luxor wearing heavy winter clothes for fear of weather fluctuations and weather warnings.

Luxor Governorate raised the degree of preparedness due to the bad weather and the expected weather situation, based on the meteorological warnings sent to the General Department of Crises and Disasters to raise the level of preparedness at the level of centers and cities for the possibility of rain and the activity of dust-laden winds.

In Minya Governorate, the “Crisis Room” in the main operations room in the General Office of Minya Governorate intensified follow-up work through the complex communication network dedicated to dealing with emergency events, to monitor manifestations of instability and in weather conditions, following the warning of the General Meteorological Authority regarding the weather during the days. The next few, which expect a state of instability in weather conditions, will affect the country by an air depression over a period of about three days.

The General Authority of Alexandria Port announced this morning, Tuesday, that the Bogas of Alexandria and Dekheila Ports will continue to open to maritime traffic, due to the presence of sea waves’ heights at natural rates.

The weather forecast for Tuesday, February 16 in Greater Cairo and the canal cities included: Moderate rain chances of “50%”, intermittent, and exciting wind activity for sand and dust, approximately “22 knots”, and maximum temperatures ranging between 17 and 18 degrees and lows between 7-9 degrees.

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