The tripartite committee collides with the two poles due to the Egypt Cup matches

A state of anger prevails between the clubs participating in the African championship, Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, towards the tripartite committee that manages the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid, because of the Egypt Cup, which is a crisis during each season due to the participation of the two Egyptian football poles in the African championships and the period of accession Players in national teams’ camps.

Where the committee that manages the Football Association discusses the holding of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids matches in the 32nd round of the Egyptian Cup in front of Al-Nasr and the border guards and crossing, which have been postponed in the past days, next March, specifically during the international suspension period that the first team will play the matches of Kenya and Comoros In the qualifiers for the African nations 2022, provided that these matches will be held without international players if these clubs agree, but in the event of objection, new dates will be searched.

And the tripartite committee has become in a big dilemma after postponing more than one league match and the Egypt Cup until now for some different reasons, including Al-Ahly’s participation in the World Cup for African clubs and matches, which confirms that the competition has not ended on the date set by the committee on September 30th, especially since The competition will be suspended for a long period in July and August due to the Olympic team’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Bawaba learned from a private source in Al-Jabaliya that officials of the three clubs refused to play their cup matches without international players, especially since the trio wanted to achieve the largest number of tournaments after the difficult season that Egyptian football went through during the period of the new Corona virus, which led to no concessions. A club about playing matches without its full ranks.

The source added that the technical bodies for the first national elections, led by Hussam Al-Badri, and the Olympic, led by Shawky Gharib, refuse to play their matches without the international players who were chosen, stressing that the participation of national elections in these continental and global championships is more important than the local competitions, especially since the case of achieving an achievement in it raises the The name of Egypt is universal and spherical.

The source concluded that the tripartite committee will have nothing left but to postpone the cup matches until April until the end of the international suspension period.

In another context, the tripartite committee that manages the Football Association sent a letter to the security authorities to obtain approval to hold the summit match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, which was postponed from the fourth week of the Premier League during next March.

The committee decided to hold the match in the first half of March, and sent a vision to security pending official approval from the security authorities to hold the summit at this time, provided that the security fixes the deadline.

The committee also sent a picture of the dates of the remaining matches in the premier league until the 34th and last week. The scenario includes the end of the competition on September 30th.