September 18, 2021

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The strange king of scrap “Diesel Egypt” lives in the midst of 1500 trains in his house

Diesel Egypt .. At first glance, you might think this nickname was given to an engine or locomotive, but it is a nickname that was required by Ahmed Abu Al-Diya from his earliest years. In his mind and imagination, which turned him into reality through the scrap in his house, and when the family of “Ahmed” discovered his talent, it did not stand before it, but rather allocated a small room for him in which he practices his talent and transforms all the scrap of the house into small trains that do not exceed a finger. Ahmed “Egyptian railways trains of all times, to become” Diesel Egypt “.

Mehr Ahmed Abu Al-Diya, forty-year-old, recycled worthless scrap and tin cans into miniature models of public transport buses until I boarded a workshop in one of the Shubra al-Khaimah neighborhoods. Once you enter this workshop, you think that you are in the Egyptian Railways Museum due to the large number of trains manufactured in the workshop, starting with the air-conditioned and Spanish train Even the distinctive or ordinary train, as it is said, was not satisfied with the trains, but rather made all the public transport buses.

“Ahmed Diesel” continued talking about his talent, saying: The first model I made was from a carton of medicine box and I wanted to complete making the rest of the models of trains in the seventies, so I was in the spirit of the Egyptian railway station and I had a pen, a sketchbook, and a seat. Draw the subtle details or go to the train and go to the house trying to implement it.

He added that the materials that were available at the time were a “paste box” or “saj” or cans of tuna or jam, and an old razor that developed these materials and employed them and turned them into miniature models of trains.

He explained that the capabilities were not available to him in the beginning to manufacture miniature models, but now he has built machines that facilitate the process of manufacturing trains and forming scrap pieces as he wants.

Ahmed Abu Al-Diya documented the history of trains, starting with the first diesel locomotive since the days of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the air-conditioned or “Hungarian” train, as it is called, which met with the turnout of many of what he implemented more than once and the turbo train.

Diesel went on to talk about the implementation stages, starting from drawing the train completely on the sketch in its geometric shape, then selecting the materials to be used to finish employing those raw materials and making them into miniature models, interested in the precise details of the locomotive, including the engines, operating switches, movement switches and types of brakes in the locomotive, whether Tractor brakes were Dell’s first.

And the intransigence of “Ahmed Abu Al-Diya” to participate in the railway exhibitions and to display his sculptures that attracted the admiration of visitors, including the director of the Railways Museum in Ireland and the British Minister of Transport.

He pointed out that his wife “Sally” is the source of support for him since she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and encouraged him to present more models and not stop whatever the difficulties he faces and transfer this talent to his children Yassin and Jasmin, hoping that they will be pioneers in this field.

The number of samples that Ahmed implemented from scrap is about 1500, and he hopes to own a small museum in which the history of trains is documented and becomes a shrine frequented by people.