The Academy of Archaeological Russian Sciences: Egypt is the greatest and largest civilization in the

The mission of the Center for Egyptology of the Russian Archaeological Academy of Sciences said that the Egyptian civilization is the greatest and largest civilization in history and the ancient world, as it established and established science and invention and has been associated with strong and global relations since ancient times.

The director of the Egyptology Center of the Russian Archaeological Academy of Sciences Sergei Ivanov added, in press statements, that the Egyptian civilization and history is great, impressive and inspiring, and that Egypt and its civilization always give great lessons to the world, how people face difficulties and overcome them and achieve achievements at all time and time.

“We find that all the basic and different inventions and innovations, including paper and writing, have their origins,” Galina Belova, the coordinator of the center’s Russian missions in Egypt, explained.

Both Ivanov and Belova said that Egyptian civilization and history are unique and linked to the present as well. Just as Egypt has made historic achievements in the past, so it has been able at the present time to overcome difficulties and achieve growth, development and prosperity witnessed by all.

They also confirmed the strength of the relations between Egypt and Russia since the earliest eras of history, and that an archaeological discovery was found in Russia five years ago, represented by a ship-shaped stone inscribed with the name of the ancient Egyptian deity “Isis”, which reflects and confirms the strength of the relations between the two sides.

In their statements, they talked about the mission’s discoveries in Fayoum, as it found an important archaeological discovery during its survey work, in cooperation with Egyptian experts, at the Deir al-Banat archaeological site in an oasis in the Fayoum governorate on “golden” coins. Studies and research that will reveal more of the ancient Egyptian civilization.