Temperatures today, Tuesday 11/5/2021 in Egypt

The Meteorological Authority expects that Tuesday will witness a decrease in temperatures, as hot weather prevails in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, hot on the northeastern coasts, moderate on the western coasts, hot on the north of Upper Egypt, very hot in South Sinai and the south of the country.

As for the weather at night, nice weather prevails on Cairo and the sea front, pleasant on the northern coasts, moderate in southern Sinai and the south of the country.

Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Department at the General Authority of Meteorology, revealed that the country is witnessing wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, South Sinai and the south of the country, and opportunities for light rain, sometimes thunderstorms, in areas of northern Upper Egypt, Sinai, the Red Sea mountain ranges, and southern Upper Egypt at intermittent periods.

As for temperatures, today, Tuesday: Greater Cairo 33 degrees and Lows 19 degrees, Greater Alexandria 25 and Lessons 17 degrees, Matrouh Great 24 degrees and Lows 15 degrees, Sohag Great 35 degrees and Low 21 degrees, Qena Great 38 degrees and Lesser 22 degrees, and Greater Aswan 42 degrees A minimum of 25 degrees.

The following is a statement of temperatures on cities and capitals in the governorates of the Republic:

Temperatures in Little Cairo are 19 and Great are 33

Temperatures in Shebeen El-Kom El-Soghra 19 and Great Britain 33

Temperatures in Lesser Tanta are 18 and Greatest 33

The temperatures in Damanhur Al-Soghra are 18 and Al-Azami 30

Temperatures in Alexandria are 17 and Great are 25

Temperatures in Lesser Baltim 18 Great 26

The temperatures in Matrouh, the smallest 15 and the great 24

Temperatures in Sallum Minor 15 and Great 27

Temperatures in Siwa Minor 16 and Great 32

Temperatures in the smallest Port Said 20 Great 27

Temperatures in Little Damietta 19 and Great 27

Temperatures in Zagazig El-Soghir 19 and Al-Adzi 33

Temperatures in Little Ismailia are 18 and Al-Adhamiya 33

The temperatures in the small Suez 19 and the great 34

The temperatures in El-Arish are small 18 and great 28

Temperatures in Rafah Al-Soghra 17 and Al-Azami 28

The temperatures in the small Ras Sidr are 19 and the great 32

Temperatures in Nakhl al-Sughra 15 Great 32

The temperature in Nuweiba Al-Soghir is 22 and Al-Aqsa is 36

Temperatures in Taba, Minor 21 and Maximum 32

Temperatures in Catherine Minor 14 and Great 30

Temperatures in the smallest phase 21 and the high phase 35

Temperatures in Sharm el-Sheikh Minor 25 and Greatest 37

The temperatures in Lesser Hurghada are 26 and the maximum is 36

Temperatures in Marsa Alam, Minor 26 and Maximum 37

Temperatures in Faiyum al-Soghir 19 and al-Adami 33

The temperatures in Beni Suef Al-Minor is 20 and Al-Greatqyah 34

Temperatures in Minya, Minya, Minya, Minor, 20, and Great, 34

Temperatures in Asyut al-Asryah are 21 and al-Admiyyahs 34

Temperatures in Sohag Minor 21 and Maximum 35

Temperatures in Minor Qena 22 and Great Qena 38

The temperature in Luxor, Minimum 23 and Maximum 39

Temperatures in Aswan, Minor 25, and Greatest 42

Temperatures in Abu Simbel, minimum 26 and maximum 41

The temperatures in the New Valley are minor 23 and great 38

Temperatures in Shalateen El Saghir 21 and Al Aqsa 36

The temperatures in Abu Ash-Soghra 20 and Al-Adhamiya 36

Temperatures in Al-Soghra Halayeb 21 and Al-Adhamiya 32

Temperatures in Ras Hadraa, Al-Soghra 21 and Al-Adhamiya 32
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