August 13, 2022

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Sisi’s Egypt And the harvest of the seven fat years!

Experiences taught us that the moments of defining events in the history of the country and the people; It requires standing, contemplation, monitoring and documentation. To be the safe reference for the rising generations, especially since historical events constantly confirm that the people of Egypt are guarded; He is always the owner of the greatest sales, and he has the upper hand in making the events of all the events that affect the conscience of the nation and correct the paths of national trends; Just feeling that she had deviated from his lofty, lofty goals.

We, the sons of this generation, were pleased to witness the events of the “June 30, 2013 Revolution” that resulted in its difficult birth, the “New Republic”, which we celebrate these days the seven-year anniversary of lighting the glowing torch of its achievements in the sky of the homeland in the footsteps of the leader of the stage, leader “Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi”. In order to restore to the guarded Egypt its leadership and the civilized role that it started since the dawn of history.

And because the Egyptians always celebrated their rituals of celebration, blessing, and the number (7); Beginning with the establishment of the “Al-Sebu’” ritual on the seventh day of the newborn’s coming to life, as well as placing seven “beans” fruits in his neck to ward off envy from the eyes of the envious; And adhere to – also – that the mother skips the puffs of incense smoke rising from the stove seven times!

Since the thing is mentioned by thing, we say: Perhaps these “seventeen” rituals are derived from the vocabulary of the glorious Qur’anic stories; And what is mentioned in “Surat Yusuf”; According to the verse: “Joseph Dear friend Please tell us of the seven fat cows he would eat seven lean and seven Snblatt vegetables and other Iabsat Ali attributed to the people so that they might know (46) said sow seven years harder what reaped Vdhiroh spike in only a little of which you eat (47)”! !

And here we are at the forefront of soft powers – by virtue of scientific, national and historical honesty – celebrating the unprecedented achievements in our contemporary history, with the lapse of “seven years” since the beginning of the move towards achieving the desired welfare for our great people. who was able, in difficult circumstances, to eliminate the gangs of treachery that lurked and conspired at night against the history of a nation and the civilization of a people, and this was the promising beginning during that revolution; It is to achieve stability and tranquility in the security situation and the spread of security for the Egyptian citizen who has suffered from chaos at the hands of those fragments that have lain and perched on the chest of the Egyptian citizen for nearly an entire year – the period of the onslaught of the elements of evil against the rule of Egypt – in the absence of history and the support of the old colonial forces; Who wanted to return from the back doors and windows to control the capabilities of Egypt and its great people.

It was natural and logical for the security stability to cast a shadow on the economic situation. And modifying its course, which was seized by the so-called – falsely and slanderously – political Islam groups, and they directed public money to finance the armed militias directed to try to control the masses of the Egyptian people. The courageous economic steps – despite their severity – were the way to achieve a decent life for all on the land of Egypt.

In light of these serious steps, Egypt has witnessed many free and investment zones that provide millions of job opportunities for promising youth cadres promising to carry the trust and the torch of enlightenment for the future. It is worth mentioning that the paths to achieving economic security and the use of youth cadres were accompanied by national campaigns to preserve public health through the sovereign ministries. For health and specialized councils, the campaigns were free to eradicate the “C” virus, which occupied the liver of the nation for long periods.. Thus, the economic and health security of the entire community and all its layers is achieved.

I would like to point out – with all the pride and pride – to the “crown diamond” for the achievements of the Egyptian people under the leadership of President Sisi; It is the giant project with the opening of the “New Suez Canal”; Which he inaugurated the opening ceremony with a brief speech in which he said: “… the Egyptian people have accomplished the new canal project in difficult economic and security conditions, as the forces of terrorism and extremism were fighting Egypt and the Egyptians… However, we were able, thanks to God Almighty and then with the efforts of the Egyptians. Overcoming these circumstances and achieving the dream…

The greatness of the new canal lies not only in being a colossal engineering feat… but it also gave Egyptians confidence and assured the whole world of their ability to work and achieve… The new canal is one step on a long road that the Egyptians started to realize their hopes and ambitions…”.

It was necessary in front of this thoughtful planning for the movement of global trade through the Suez Canal; Providing road networks on land to achieve liquidity for the movement of global trade and work to facilitate the means of export and import. Planning for the implementation of the national project for roads and bridges and interest in building the main influential axes from the Upper Nile until its flows reach its branches within the delta; In order to achieve the high efficiency of Egyptian people living along the valley.

The “Rod al-Farag axis” was a dream that was realized by Egyptian hands. To be added to the major achievements and giant projects undertaken by the leadership, whose genes, passion and originality are Egyptian; And let the Egyptian engineers and workers – with the support and support of the men of the armed forces – break all records in the speed of achievement and the splendor of specifications in the construction of suspension bridges with the latest technology of the era. It is an integral part of the national road network, which receives special attention from President Sisi, as he seeks, through paving the national road network, to present Egypt to the world as a unique civilized front with its picturesque nature and ancient history within the Egypt Vision 2030.

The time has come for the great Egyptian people to see in their hands the harvest of trees of growth and development. which he instilled throughout the long history of struggle and struggle; Its roots were drenched with the blood of the martyrs who believed in the sanctity of the homeland and its national leadership, which was able to turn the lean years that passed on the homeland.. to the years of greenness, growth and development; And let us continue with the umbrella of love that was built with the hearts and arms of the honorable people of this honest country.

It is Egypt. Al-Sisi: And the fat harvest of the seven years.. What a harvest we have reaped after great effort, patience and perseverance. Blessed are your steps, O honest national leader!