Shock in Egypt a barber practicing medicine

The incident was revealed by a “nursing technician” who worked with this man when he went out on a live broadcast on the “Cairo 24” news website, telling the details of the story The fake doctor And how the man was able to deceive everyone, headed by real doctors.

As soon as the live broadcast of the nurse Aziz Kamel circulated, the Egyptian police moved to investigate the incident and uncover its circumstances, which ultimately led to the arrest of the fake doctor and his wife, after it was discovered that they had taken several clinics and medical centers in the 3rd October Police Department (6th of October City) headquarters to carry out their illegal activities..

She said Egyptian Ministry of Interior In a statement, the investigations proved that the fake doctor has a high school diploma only, and he and his wife reside in the 6th of October City.

Prosecution investigations

For his part, Aziz Kamel, the “nursing technician” who first revealed the fake doctor, said that he encountered the accused in the prosecution’s investigations, pointing out that the accused, known as Karim, tried to deny all the charges against him, claiming that he was only running medical centers and did not practice medicine.

Kamel added to “Sky News Arabia” that he encountered the accused with a group of patients who had deceived them, and proved that he was signing the medical examination for patients himself, and he could not deny this before the investigation authorities, considering that the signs of confusion prevailed over his features and actions during the investigation..

The man pointed out that the fake doctor tried to sympathize with him during the investigations, to retract his statements, reminding him that he had granted him a loan. Kamel adds: “He loaned me 8 thousand pounds, even though my dues exceeded 18 thousand pounds … this is simply less than my right.””.

The nursing technician explained that none of those who worked with this man could reveal his truth, as he was fluent in the English language, and was well versed in scientific terms, and if he entered into a medical discussion he would end him in a way that you could never discover that he was a fake doctor..

He continued, “His wife also claimed to be a physiotherapist and used to issue directions to us sometimes,” noting that their matter was revealed after doubts increased, so some doctors were able to find his ID card, and the surprise was that his profession was recorded as being the owner of a beauty salon. And that he was born in Alexandria, and does not have a high qualification in the first place.

The nursing technician concluded his statement by confirming that the fake doctor was imprisoned for 4 days after the end of his investigation, expressing his willingness to go to More than once to testify about everything he knows, referring to this man, “He has been deceiving everyone for several months.”.

The police reveal the scenes

The Ministry of Interior announced in its statement that the accused had confessed the details that led him to commit these crimes. Where he joined the Faculty of Science in a university, but did not complete his studies, then he later opened a beauty salon in Alexandria, and closed it after the issuance of many court rulings against him.

The statement clarified that the fake doctor’s transfer between medical clinics and his work as a laboratory technician and nursing gave him medical information, so the idea of ​​opening several clinics and medical centers invented in his mind, after his contacts were accused of being a doctor and a general practitioner, to assume the status of a doctor in one of the major hospitals in Cairo..

The statement revealed that the plaintiff’s doctor appointed medical and nursing staff, as well as obtained payments from some patients, in return for performing surgeries for them, and that he used to move between those clinics and Medical centers.

He also pointed out that the accused used to close medical centers when he sensed that doubts were hovering around him, and that his matter might be revealed, especially since he was not performing surgeries, and sometimes he did not pay the salaries of workers.

In this context, 3 doctors submitted an official communication accusing him of fraud, fraud and not getting their salaries.
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