August 12, 2022

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Sherry Adels marriage to Adel Imams son ignites the communication sites

A state of widespread controversy witnessed in the reality of social media, after circulating news of the marriage of the artist, Sherry Adel, and the artist, Mohamed Imam, son of the leader, Adel Imam, which shocked the audience.

For her part, Sherry Adel denied the news that was circulated during the last period, saying: “When I decide to engage, I will say, but I decide the first, and there is no need.”

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She added, “I think I’m thinking well; I will take a step like this, God willing.”

Earlier, the pioneers of social networking sites shared the scenes of the divorce of artist Sherry Adel and her husband, preacher Moez Masoud, coinciding with her recent trend after news of her engagement.

Masoud’s marriage to Sherry Adel did not last more than one year, as it ended in 2019, after it took place in 2018.

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