Saudi Dates and Egypt Dates | Egyptian today

If the oil and gas economies made the economies of petroleum countries … and they noted that the name OPEC means the Organization of Petroleum and Gas Exporting Countries as well .. But economic history reminds us of economies that were based on one product, as we know that olive oil production was based on the economies of many countries such as Greece and Italy. And Spain, because it owns forests of olive trees … especially after the world knew the harms of food oils and ghee and the production of hydrogenated oils, even if they were on palm oils !!. We know the countries of northwestern Europe, which represent the most important revenues for these countries, such as Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, as well as sheep and cattle breeding such as pasture countries, especially New Zealand, Australia and many regions in Brazil and France, which are countries that have large livestock industries on which industries were built. Preserving meat, its industries and canned foods .. We know that Cuba’s economy, for example, is based on the cultivation of sugar cane, squeezing it and converting it to produce sugar..also the cocoa crop is an essential element in the economy of countries in West Africa, as well as the coffee crop .. The most important product in Ceylon is this Tea, which was popularly used and became a national crop.

But why do we forget the date crop … and how Tunisian dates represent a golden crop! Every visitor to Tunisia is keen to carry what he can from boxes and boxes of Deglet Nour dates.

On the occasion of these dates, the numbers say that Saudi Arabia has the second largest number of date palms .. I remember here the saying of the martyr King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, the King of Saudi Arabia, who said during the October 1973 war that he and his people are ready to live again on camel milk and his country’s dates .. And by the way, Dates with camel milk represent a complete nutritional meal, and these dates are rich in sugars from sucrose, fructures and proteins, as well as fats and fibers .. And that the world knows more than 2000 varieties of dates, and in Saudi Arabia there are 332 varieties between rutab and multi-colored dates of red, tarabishy, ​​dark and light red And the most important of these types are: Al-Barhi, Al-Barim, Al-Hayy, Al-Khasab, Al-Khalas, and Degla Noor..and Saudi Arabia alone has 13 million palm trees in Al-Ahsa province, and it annually produces half a million tons of dates, and it is the first country producing dates in the year, and the second producer of dates after Iraq And this opens the talk about Egyptian dates, and how we can establish a strong economy on these dates, so what about these dates …?!.

  • The situation in Egypt
  • Injuries176,333
  • Recovered136,490
  • Mortality10,201
  • The situation around the world
  • Injuries110,797,037
  • Recovered85,733,891
  • Mortality2,450,569

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