August 12, 2022

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Russia announces the expulsion of the American ambassador in Moscow

Moscow decided to expel the American ambassador to it against the background of the Russian war on Ukraine, and stressed that Moscow sees the expulsion of the American ambassador in response to the expulsion of 13 Russian diplomats.

Russian military operations on Ukrainian territory entered their first week, with the announcement of the complete control of the Ukrainian city of Kherson by the Russian forces, which began their advance in the Ukrainian east on February 24, declaring that their operations came to protect civilians in the Donbass region, which includes the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, which Moscow recognized this month. the past with their independence.

And on Wednesday morning, the spokesman of the Russian Armed Forces, Major General Igor Konashenkov, announced that the Russian units of the armed forces had completely taken control of the territorial center of the Ukrainian city of Kherson..

Konashenkov said in the ministry’s statement: “Russian units of the Armed Forces have taken full control of the territorial center of Kherson… During the military operation our forces hit 1,502 military targets, 51 command posts were disabled, 38 anti-aircraft defense systems S-300, Buk M-11 and Osa, 51 radar stations, 47 aircraft on the ground and 11 aircraft in the air, 472 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 62 multiple rocket launchers, 206 field artillery and mortars, 336 units of special military vehicles, and 46 unmanned aerial vehicles were disabled.“.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Russian armed forces imposed their control over the towns of Tokmak and Vasilievka, after the soldiers surrendered voluntarily and laid down their weapons..

She added: “Ukrainian soldiers from Tokmak and Vasilievka regions will return home after signing a pledge to refuse to participate in the battles.”.

On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry said that its forces succeeded, through their “high-precision weapons”, in destroying the transmitters of the TV tower in Kyiv, in order to “suppress media attacks against Russia,” as described in the ministry’s statement..

In order to suppress media attacks against Russia, a high-precision weapon was directed at the technological facilities of the Security Management Unit and the Main Special Psychological Operations Center in Kyiv, and the broadcast equipment of the TV tower was disabled, without destroying residential buildings..

In Ukraine, the Ukrainian newspaper “Verkhovnaya Rada” reported that problems with television broadcasting of Ukrainian channels were observed after the explosion in the Kyiv TV tower, and backup broadcasting will be operated in the near future..

Ukraine’s Minister of Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, said that no employee was hurt during the bombing of the Kyiv TV tower..

In response to the sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, Moscow stopped supplying products of the “Severstal” iron and steel complex to the countries of the European Union. A spokesman for the “Severstal” company’s management confirmed to reporters that the company had stopped exporting its products to the European Union, and started directing them to other markets..

The company “Severstal” supplied about 2.5 million tons of steel to Europe per year.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that he is “ready to hold negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting at the same time that he “does not see any results after the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations, and according to him, there is a need for a compromise to continue the dialogue.”“.

And the Ukrainian president added, in an interview with CNN, that he published part of it through his account on “Telegram”: “I still do not feel from this first meeting about the details, there is only one thing, which is that the opportunity to meet again and talk about steps to forward is 1%”.

Zelensky said, “In order to continue negotiations, a willingness to compromise is needed“.

“In order to take steps forward, you need someone who takes steps forward, and where there are big problems and the risk of losing lives every day, you have to take a step back,” Zelensky explained..

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated that “the possibility of a meeting between Putin and Zelensky is not excluded, but conditions must be created for this.”“.

In a meeting with members of the Security Council and the leadership of the Council of Ministers, Lukashenko indicated that “the leaders of the two countries should be greeted for their personal positions on the negotiation process, thanks to which the meeting was held in the Belarusian region of Pripyat,” according to the “Belta” news agency, on Tuesday..

He added: “This is Putin’s advantage, he could have abandoned these negotiations, and claimed that they failed them, again, but he did not refuse the negotiations nonetheless.”“.

Lukashenko praised Zelensky’s advantage, as he “didn’t expect him to agree to negotiate.”“.

In the United States, as President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address, many members of Congress appeared wearing clothes bearing the color of the Ukrainian flag, to show their support and standing by Kyiv.

Representative Mark Takano, a California Democrat, tweeted a photo of him in a blue suit, blue shirt and yellow tie, saying, “I stand with Ukraine.”“.

During his State of the Union address, US President Joe Biden, whose country, along with several European countries, imposed severe economic sanctions against Russia, talked about the developments of the war, saying that Putin has become more isolated from the world than ever before, and that the ruble has lost 33% of its value. Putin’s war on Ukraine was pre-planned and unjustified, but NATO and the West were ready.

Biden considered that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who he described as the “Russian dictator”, misjudged the strong and united reaction of the West to its military operation in Ukraine, and bet on splitting the Western ranks, but he miscalculated..

Biden addressed the rise in fuel prices due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, and said, “I know that the news of what is happening may seem disturbing to the Americans, but I want you to know that we will be fine.. I will be honest with you, as I always promised that I will be .. Invasion of the Russian dictator For a foreign country will have costs all over the world“.

In a related context, the American Bloomberg Agency, quoting European sources, revealed that the leaders of the European Union countries will discuss Ukraine’s membership in the Union at a summit that they will hold in Paris on March 10 and 11..

The network added that “the permanent representatives will ask the European Commission to consider the possibility of Ukraine’s admission to the European Union.