January 17, 2022

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Port Said is the locomotive of development for Egypt

Port Said has a location that has all the advantages that call for investment in it, the most important of which is the East Port Said area, not East Al-Tariqa. This is an old term for an old project. A republican decree was issued in 1999 with the correct name, according to the opinion of the former head of the Suez Canal Authority, who explained to the Prime Minister technically why it cannot be established Any marine project on the eastern branch of the danger that the movement of ships to and from the port mixes with the movement of ships in the convoys of the canal and other technical and navigational reasons, and from that day the outside world knows only the name of East Port Said and in the year 2006 began to think about this project.

The World Bank pointed out at the time that if the planning and marketing of East Al-Tafria’a would be the real engine for the development of Egypt. A committee was formed from the World Bank, the European Union, all the Gulf finance houses and the German Deutsche Bank, and this committee is made up of 13 professors in various economic, industrial, financial, legal, planning, maritime and logistical disciplines. European development they all worked for free without any payment convinced of the idea. They agreed to establish an export industrial pole for the 9 most important global industrial activities, serving a huge global hub building, global logistics centers, not local, not dry ports, and global distribution centers serving global trade and implementing non-bureaucratic ideas in laws, customs and taxes.

And he began thinking about implementing the project in 2009, and when the World Bank saw the first document of the project, it sent a mission of its experts to East Port Said, and officially sent to the Egyptian government expressing its willingness to participate, and warned Egypt against implementing the idea of ​​an industrial developer and establishing an independent entity that would manage the project on behalf of the government. A different special law, and offered to the government to use 600 million dollars in the project.

When the Brotherhood came to rule Egypt, they resorted to traditional planning: that any plan for the development of East Port Said should include all activities such as agriculture, industry, trade and tourism. This view is not valid and does not benefit the East Port Said region because it deprives Egypt of benefiting from the genius of the site, as the Suez Canal passes through it 35 percent. Almost of the world’s containers and 31 percent of Europe’s gas.

Despite all these existing studies, with our great appreciation to the Chairman of the Zone Investment Authority, the project is progressing very slowly and Egypt is wasting the opportunity to exist on a global scale, and the evidence for this is that on 11-6-2020, Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, talks about his intention In the development of the free zone, and thus a great opportunity was missed to be ready for a project that bears fruit and to dispense with all the international loans that concern the Egyptians now, for example, the Russian industrial city, as well as the Chinese industrial city, which has not yet been given the opportunity to work seriously in the region, This is due to the lack of interest from those in charge, and all studies are now in the files of the Egyptian government.

Among the positives in this matter is that the experts of the Suez Canal Authority and other experts are with the idea of ​​establishing the July 30 Corridor, which will link the northwest region of the Gulf of Suez to West Port Said, allowing Antarctic factories to reach the markets of Europe, North Africa and the Black Sea from the East African region, and if we make good use of the East Port Said project Seriously and with the required speed, it outperforms Jebel Ali, Singapore and Hong Kong. The area of ​​East Port Said, according to the presidential decree, is 75 square kilometers, and the Jebel Ali area is not extendable, but the East Port Said area is expandable. The Jebel Ali region had to bring sand and stones from Oman to fill the sea, and this process cost more than $3 billion over an area of ​​3 square kilometres, and here we see how important the East Port Said location is. It is required that we speed up the work so that Egypt obtains its share of transit containers in the eastern Mediterranean, and as a result of a fatwa by one of the experts, who said that there is no need for the idea of ​​development until the ships reach us. As a result of this fatwa, Egypt lost 3 million containers that fled to the “wild” port in Greece.

Unfortunately, there are no logistical services that connect us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all the ports they target to export to, and there are no daily services from international lines linking the port to the largest number of countries in the world, while when you open the site of Jebel Ali Port, you will find it He proudly says that it has more than 90 shipping services per week, connecting it with most countries in the world. If we start with what we dream of until 2022, which represents half of the first stage, it is able to exceed the port of Jebel on the area, volume of circulation, number of ships, the number of weekly container services, and a diversity of goods and revenues.

The Ministry of Transport and those in charge of the project had suggested the speedy establishment of 2 to 3 container stations, a liquid bulk station, a car station, and logistic centers for the first phase of East Port Said. An industrial developer to ensure the continuity of the global company in providing the factory with everything new, and to ensure that it will never leave the market and leave us with its old models, after which the factory will stop competing and exit the market.

In the factory of the Beni Suef Company, we have the example, where there is a Korean company, and after one year of its establishment, it became the leader in the production of all the Egyptian electrical appliances that existed in the market thirty years before it, and in one year it exported 3 million devices. This is the only factory that applies modern management technology Its production depends on the global supply chain, and adopts the principle of timely production and export through logistics mechanisms.

Can the head of the authority achieve everything we dream of in order to activate, establish and speed up performance in the east of the branch?! This unique genius project we must give priority and the right to pay attention to it, because East Al-Tariqa is the locomotive of development in Egypt.