August 12, 2022

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Pelosi’s plane lands in Taiwan today, and China calls for burying all enemies

The world is facing a new crisis, if China implements its threats, due to the visit of the US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan, which is covered by US protection, and it is the second visit of a high-ranking US official to the island after that made in 1997 by the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives , Newt Gingrich.

The Chinese army preceded the visit, with a propaganda video for its forces, firing missiles, seizing weapons, and flying fighter planes, according to what we see in the most important clips of it in a clip presented by below, and it came as an Internet response so far to the visit, while the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Chinese Zhao Lijian told reporters that “if Pelosi insists on visiting Taiwan, China will take resolute and strong measures to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity” because China views Taiwan as part of its territory, and any trip by a US official confirms US support for the island, which is considered an independent state.

The video was broadcast by the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese Army on its website, and on government media websites on Monday, in which it also shows military exercises that included aircraft carriers and fighter planes flying in formations, paratroopers making combat jumps, and soldiers leaving the forest and ocean areas, and with the video, the army broadcast a statement published by the New York Post on Monday. He said: “We are fully prepared to face any eventuality on orders, bury every infiltrator, and move towards joint and successful operations. We soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army swear to defend the motherland to the death.”

quick american response

Then China softened some of its military tone, through the Chinese representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, who said yesterday in a press conference that “the visit, if it occurs, will harm US-Chinese relations, and may undermine relations between China and the United States, and Washington is supposed to understand the consequences of this step.” Because Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, the issue of territorial integrity for Beijing is a red line, and we do not allow anyone to cross this line, and we firmly oppose any separatist movements in Taiwan, as well as interference in China’s internal affairs,” he said.

And quickly, the Strategic Coordinator for Communications in the National Security Council, John Kirby, responded to the Chinese rhetorical escalation, and told reporters yesterday: “There is no reason for Beijing to divert a possible visit, consistent with US policy standing in some kind of crisis or conflict, or using it as an excuse to increase military activity.” aggressive in or around the Taiwan Strait,” then downplayed the threats and said the visit is for one day only.

Kirby also said that the United States is not interested in escalating tension with China because of this visit, and prefers to resolve all differences over Taiwan through diplomatic means, and that the United States will continue to support Taiwan while striving to keep channels of communication open with Beijing,” adding that Washington considers the two missions necessary to maintain the situation. current in the region.

Another visitor next November

As for Taiwan, which has put its army on high alert, its Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang celebrated Pelosi’s visit, which will meet him today. “We always warmly welcome visits to our country by distinguished foreign guests,” he said in what was quoted by the agencies.

After Pelosi’s current visit to Taiwan, the island is now preparing to receive another visitor next November, a delegation of the constituent members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the British House of Commons, a visit that was scheduled for early this year, according to what the British newspaper “The Guardian” said, but was postponed. Because a member of the delegation was infected with Corona, and it was intended to show Britain’s support for Taiwan.