My misfortune is great and my grief is greater God bless you Egypt

Dr. Ambassador Farouk Riad Mabrouk called me upset: Dr. Murad Wahba wrote in “Al-Ahram”: We must stop the illusions of Martin Bernal’s book “Black Athena”, in which all Greek civilization is taken from African Egypt .. As Dr. Farouk Riad Mabrouk sent me a letter She says: A team from Cairo University under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Atman, the former head of the Ancient Greek and Latin Studies Department, translated and wrote an introduction to this book of 70 pages, which is in itself a deep study, and the translation was published in the publications of the National Project for Translation, and the book highlights the contribution of the ancient Egyptian civilization to The formation of the Hellenistic and Roman civilization, as the book: The Stolen Legacy of the American George J. Mother. James, and how the philosophers of Greece studied at the hands of Egyptian philosophers.

Ambassador Mabrouk also wrote that Dr. Murad Wahba mentioned Mary Likovets and her book: Not from Africa, which is the book that responds to Black Athena, but the ambassador did not find in Google a trace of this name or book !!

The words of His Excellency the Ambassador have ended, and I was greatly distressed by the words of Dr. Murad Wahba, so was Plato’s stay in Alexandria for 13 years was an illusion? Culture in Egypt: The Greeks know that they are students of the Egyptians in their high-end civilization .. They were an illusion ?, And were the words of Jean-Francois Champollion: imagination crumbling and falling motionless under the feet of the ancient Egyptian civilization .. was an illusion? Did Warren Dawson’s words in his book Legacy Of Egypt: All Sciences, especially Medicine, originate in Egypt more than fifty centuries ago … were an illusion ?, And are Wallace Badge’s words: We need two centuries in order to reach this high level of civilization Humanity .. Was an illusion ?, And were the words of the current Mayor of Berlin, Karen Schubert: What would the world have been like if it had not been for the ancient Egyptian civilization ?! .. It was an illusion? !, Are the words of Dr. Rosalyn, head of the archeology department at Manchester University, when I was lecturing them about drugs of chemical origin and how they came up with antimony as a treatment for schistosomiasis in the form of suppositories, she screamed and said: These people were geniuses and if you used their method of treatment instead of injections, the C virus would not have killed you .. Was this An illusion?!.

Why did you clap when we were over dinner with the engineer Nabih Zaki and attacked the Egyptian civilization, and I explained to you that Thales, Solon, Plato, and Pythagoras … all of them were students at the hands of the Egyptians, as I referred you to the book of Dr. Mahmoud El-Sakka, a professor of law, and how our civilization was based on Egyptian law Who was exemplary in his rules, universal in his aims, just in his judgments, pure in his articles, pure in his principles, based on: A- Justice is the basis of the king. B – Social justice .. Everyone is equal before the law .. Was Prof. Mahmoud El-Sakka, and Prof. Ahmed Atman is one of the delusions ?! Was the thigh bone nail in the British Museum mummy an illusion ?! Was trabeculation, cataract surgery and dental implants an illusion? Were Stringes and the Seven Ladder the Music an Illusion? Was the genius of Thutmose III an illusion?!.

If an enemy of Egypt had said what I said, I would not have responded to him, is he not being an Egyptian, a university professor, then my misfortune is great and my sorrow is greater? God for you, O Egypt !!

  • The situation in Egypt
  • Injuries176,333
  • Recovered136,490
  • Mortality10,201
  • The situation around the world
  • Injuries110,797,037
  • Recovered85,733,891
  • Mortality2,450,569

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