September 18, 2021

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More than just a shield – Zamalek beat Al-Ahly in the last second and crowned the African Super

Yahya Al-Daraa was brilliant in the defense of Zamalek and in the attack he was distinguished to lead the white knight to snatch the African Super title from Al-Ahly at the last second.

Zamalek beat Al-Ahly today, Friday, at Hassan Mustafa Hall, on the sixth of October, with a score of 28-27.

With this victory, Zamalek ensured participation in the Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia, and it will meet Barcelona, ​​for which the Egyptian professional Ali Zain is playing, on the sixth of next October.

Al-Ahly participated in the match after the withdrawal of the coastal star, while Zamalek played it as a champion of the Champions League.

And that title became the seventh in the history of Zamalek and the third in a row.

Zamalek won the title the last three times, 2018, 2019 and 2020 at the expense of Al-Ahly.

As for Al-Ahly, its titles were frozen at only one title, while they lost the match five times.

Zamalek occupies second place in the list of the most title-winners behind the Algerian Petroleum Complex, which has nine titles.

Al-Ahly starts and ends the game strongly

The match started with brilliance by Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, and he saved more than one ball, and in return, the Red Genie’s attack was on time.

Al-Ahly managed to advance 3-1 early with the advent of the fifth minute, and the difference remained reduced to a goal and rose to two goals.

With the advent of the ninth minute, Zamalek managed to equalize for the first time, and the result indicates 4-4.

But Al-Ahly quickly returned to advance by two goals with the advent of the 14th minute.

In the 22nd minute, Zamalek equalized again, with the score 10-10.

And after only three minutes, specifically in the 25th minute, Zamalek advanced for the first time in the meeting with a score of 12-11.

Zamalek expanded the difference to two goals after another minute.

But in the 27th minute, Al-Ahly scored two goals in a row to tie it 13-13.

Zamalek was dealt a strong blow with a direct expulsion of its player Seif Al Deraa after his intervention on Siza, the Al-Ahly player.

In the 28th minute, the difference widened to two goals, leading to a 15-13 lead.

And in the 29th minute, Al-Ahly managed to widen the difference to three goals, which is the largest difference in the result during the first half in favor of any team.

With the advent of the 30th minute, Zamalek scored a goal, but Al-Ahly players demanded that it not be counted due to the whistle blowing at the end of the first half, but in the end the referee calculated the goal, so that the first half ended with Al-Ahly’s progress 16-14.

A killer goal for Zamalek

Al-Ahly expanded the difference in the result to three goals at the beginning of the second half, but in the 13th minute, Zamalek equalized for the first time during it, and the result indicates 20-20.

Al-Ahly scored a goal and Zamalek equalized after only a few seconds, and the matter remained like this until the result reached a 24-24 draw.

Karim Hindawi, Abdel Rahman Hamid, Harma Al-Ahly and Zamalek excelled, respectively, to continue the tie.

But in the 20th minute, Zamalek advanced for the first time in the second half, 25-24, before expanding the difference to two goals in the 22nd minute.

Al-Ahly reduced the result to a goal difference, but his quick attack, “Fast Break”, was not completed successfully, and the Zamalek defense extracted it, so that the white knight remained ahead in the score 25-26 in the 25th minute.

Essam Al-Tayyar starred in front of Omar Al-Wakeel and denied Zamalek to widen the difference by two goals.

While Al-Ahly was looking for a tie, Katunga starred and saved a shot to keep Zamalek’s lead.

And in the 28th minute, Al-Ahly finally managed to tie it, bringing the score to 26-26.

And with the advent of the 29th and penultimate minute, the result was a 27-27 draw.

Zamalek kept the ball with him in the last half minute of the match and got a free kick, from which he scored a fatal goal by Yahya Al-Daraa to snatch the victory in an exciting way, 28-27.