Mohamed Fouad: “I don’t want to answer the biography of Egypt without crying.”

The great star, Mohamed Fouad, revealed the secret of his absence during the last period, criticizing at the same time those who attacked him because of the song “The Party” in which he collaborated with some festivals.

Fouad returned to the square again with remarkable activity in the recent period. He released 3 songs, the last of which was “Ihakilak” which he presented in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, and before that he released my song “Les,” which is the first songs of his new album, as well as the song “In the party” that was at the beginning of the year in which he collaborated with The mahraganat singer, Double Zouksh as “the composer of the lyrics”, composed by Alaa Fifti, which caused great controversy due to Fouad’s performance of the song in the manner of the festivals.

Fouad said, in his interview with Ingie Ali, on Thursday, through the “Nujoom Secrets” program, on Nogoum FM: “You can call my last period of absence, it was a joyful soul, even if I sing a romantic need, I must be happy to present it well and gain satisfaction. People, and I announced that I would be a recruiter that I would be present in any patriotic matters, from the beginning of the trouble that happened and I said this and some people did not like the two sentences and they lost my position that I am in support of my country and Egypt, group, do you hate? .. And who has no good in Egypt has no good in his family. I will not excuse someone of my patriotism, and to whom I do not like it, I say thank you, sir, and may God forgive you and guide you, and be most of us patriotic and loving to Egypt.

He added: “I am special in my circumstances because I’m dusty. I used to hear an honorable song, Fadel Ibn Habibi, oh light of my eyes, and I grew up with a mental idea that I could not get rid of, and the happiest moments of our life when we were singing with my mother, and it is possible that there is no feeling that will feel the feeling of Muhammad Fouad. People started to blame me from my family, and I did not know I would answer the biography of Egypt without crying, but I stopped this and fought myself.

Regarding his meeting with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, he pointed out: “I told him, my brother Ibrahim Fouad, saying to your sovereign the country is a trust in your neck, and the party was in the clear. This country would be safe, we were in a state of loss and Egypt was going and not coming, Lord who hates it, and the President said to me (The allowance that we wear shrouds for us and tell your brother: He sleeps comfortably and does not fear for Egypt as long as we are). ”

He continued: “If I had returned before that, I would have been a liar, but I came back and your requests are orders from Muhammad Fouad and all those who hate absence are an incentive for Muhammad Fouad, and we will try to simplify you. I can’t believe that I am Egyptian, and it is beautiful that we are Egyptians. ”

Regarding the song “The Party”, which sparked widespread controversy and exposed Fouad to the attack, he explained: “People reject the children. They work with me while they are Egyptians. If you don’t, your job is cut to the people and you take money and walk, and these young people working in the festivals field if they do something wrong we do them and cannot write them off.” From life, if he says two words wrongly or other than the red line, report him, and my life has not regretted a song that I did, they have sensitivity to Zoukash and Fifti and the goodness of the world in them and they love Fouad and Amr Diab, you will hate them in their country why, whoever makes a mistake we put him out of the line while they are in the street influential, What is important is their words not to be outside ».

And he added, “I am a 35-year-old rich man, and we have needs that we are very afraid of and we work on calculating, but I do not give my ears to anyone to criticize me, and the attack is a cheap trade and silence is of gold so as not to mistake anyone. Pole mercy and good for him, taking advantage of this period to extend his hands of assistance to Egypt in any matter ».

  • The situation in Egypt
  • Injuries176,333
  • Recovered136,490
  • Mortality10,201
  • The situation around the world
  • Injuries110,797,037
  • Recovered85,733,891
  • Mortality2,450,569

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