August 12, 2022

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Lebanese ask: Why did the silos collapsed on the anniversary of the explosion?

The sound of silos collapsing was heard in the neighborhoods adjacent to the port, which was witnessing a march by families of the blast victims and other citizens.

A Lebanese army helicopter sprayed water on the area to reduce the spread of dust.

The collapse of parts of the silos during the commemoration increased the suspicions of the Lebanese on social networking pages, as they asked, “Why did the silos collapsed on August 4?”

The second anniversary of the August 4 explosion topped social media sites in Lebanon, and the positions of politicians, clerics, activists, intellectuals and the judiciary.

The families of the victims of the port explosion at around four in the afternoon today, Thursday, marched on legs in front of the Palace of Justice in the Lebanese capital towards the statue of the expatriate in front of the port of Beirut, carrying coffins and coffins at a symbolic funeral that bore the names of the martyrs and slogans for blood-stained fingers, emphasizing, “We will not calm down and we will not remain silent.” Until the moment the truth is revealed,” and “to everyone who bets on forgetting, we say: We will not forget and we will hold all those involved accountable.”

On a field tour to “Sky News Arabia”, the victim’s mother, Jo Noon, said: “We miss them more and the pain is destroying our lives, and I call on everyone to stand with us. Our only demand is justice. Coffins will fall.”

As William Noun said: “Today we take an oath and recite it in front of the statue of the expatriate, and our message through it is that we are continuing.”

In front of the French embassy building in Beirut, one of the victims’ families said: “It is unfortunate that France has so far refused to submit a request before the Human Rights Council to form an international investigation committee, and President Emmanuel Macron has not fulfilled his promise.”

Marwan (participated in the march) said that “the fall of the northern silos on August 4, 2022 may be a systematic plan aimed at killing hope and sowing despair.”

For his part, journalist and political analyst Bishara Khairallah told Sky News Arabia: “The August 4 crime continues, justice is lost, criminals are free, the country is under the rubble of collapse, and when we fell silent, we fell.”

He added: “The silos are collapsing on the second anniversary of the fateful explosion.”

Special information for Sky News Arabia stated that “the rate of the fall of a number of silos in the northern part today, Thursday, exceeded 98 percent.”

Yesterday night, Wednesday, the fire that originally broke out in the wheat silos destroyed by the explosion was renewed, raising the voices calling for extinguishing the fire.

Engineering sources told “Sky News Arabia” that “the collapse of the rest of the northern part has become imminent due to the large cracks, and workers and employees have been evacuated in the vicinity of the port,” while the traffic control room spoke of “traffic measures near the statue of the expatriate in Karantina and cut off traffic on the port.” The road adjacent to the highway opposite the wheat silos and diverting it to the adjacent roads.

cuffed justice

And the Lebanon Judges Club tweeted, via its Twitter account: “Two years and justice are tied, and the blood of the martyrs is a trust in your neck, as if nothing had happened. Hands off the judiciary, the investigation is being completed in order to achieve justice.”

The writer and judicial analyst, Youssef Diab, told Sky News Arabia: “The collapse of the silos does not affect the disruption of the investigation. As for Judge Bitar, he has completed field investigations.”

He added: “With regard to obstructing the investigation, it is clear that the judicial path adopted by al-Bitar does not suit the political system in the country, because the investigations will affect ministers and representatives close to it and seek to stop the judge from the case or pressure him to change the course of the investigation.”

He continued, “There is an open confrontation between the judiciary, represented by Judge Bitar, and the political system that represents those who protect the defendants in the file, and the investigation has been suspended since December 23, 2021, and until today, there are 27 cases filed against Judge Bitar to withdraw the case file from him.”

Diab considered that “the disruption will continue at least until the end of the current era until the image of the new era becomes clear and to what extent the judiciary can support the investigations.”