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Jose Mourinho: Will the famous coach regain his luster after a career of 1,000 games?

The career of Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho reached the 1000th match, in which he won with his new club, Roma, the Italian team, Sassuolo, but his journey with the wolves of the Italian capital was marred by doubts after his recent failure with Tottenham Hotspur.

Roma’s match against its guest Sassuolo last Sunday in the third round of the Italian League represented an important point in the career of coach Jose Mourinho, aged 58, as it was the 1000th match for him as a coach.

The Italian capital club defeated Sassuolo in the last minute of the match after a great shot from Stephan El Shaarawy, so Mourinho ran towards the southern stand at the Olympic Stadium and celebrated with his players in front of the fans.

He recalled the scene of Mourinho’s celebration of what he did at Old Trafford in 2004, when his Portuguese team, Porto, eliminated Manchester United from the round of 16 in the Champions League.

Mourinho said after the Sassuolo match: “I did not run as a 58-year-old, but as a child of ten, twelve or fourteen years, dreaming of a career in the world of football. I apologized to Sassuolo coach Dionissi for this celebration.”

Mourinho, who took over with Roma after being sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, added that the winning goal was very important because he was afraid of losing a match that was so important in his life.

Mourinho also stated: “All week I’ve been lying to people, telling everyone it’s a game that’s not important to me, maybe I’m trying to convince myself of that too. My life, because it is the 1,000th match of my career.”

With this victory, the Giallorossi – another nickname given to AS Roma – achieved the full mark in the first three rounds of the Italian League. The question arises about the team’s ability to compete for the Scudetto – that is, the League Shield – which it has not obtained since the 2000/01 season, and whether Mourinho is able to repeat his great achievement in 2010 with Inter Milan when he won the treble – the Italian League, the Italian Cup and the European Champions League – with Capital wolves.

Malik Traboulsi, a journalist on Tunisian TV, says: “It is really difficult to achieve this despite Mourinho’s extensive experience. Rome is different from Inter Milan, and the latter is a team of titles. It is true that Roma have championships, but they are achieved at intervals.”

However, the password, as Traboulsi sees it, is Mourinho himself, as he sees that the Portuguese coach always loves challenges, and perhaps this is a motive for Roma.

Mourinho’s beginnings

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Mourinho worked as an assistant to Bobby Robson early in his coaching career

Mourinho, the child, was greatly influenced by his father, who worked as a coach for several Portuguese teams, and did not lose sight of the dismissal that his father received at the age of ten on a Christmas Eve, and it seems that this incident made Mourinho focus on training from an early age.

Mourinho played for clubs in the second division in Portugal, but his ultimate goal was to work as a coach, so Jose Mourinho, in his early twenties, received training courses from the English and Scottish Football Associations, and then worked as a physical education teacher in a school in the capital, Lisbon.

Then he had the opportunity to work as an assistant coach in some clubs such as Estrella da Amadora, then in 1992 he worked as a translator for the veteran English coach Bobby Robson, coach of Sporting Lisbon, to start gaining more experience in a practical and effective way.

And when the English coach was fired from Lisbon training, he contracted with Porto in January of 1994 and Mourinho asked him as an assistant, and it was a successful period for Robson and his assistant Mourinho, as the Portuguese team reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in the 1993/94 season and won the league championship in 1995 and 1996.

In the summer of the year, Sir Robson went to Barcelona as a coach, along with his work team, which includes Jose Mourinho, who remained in his position with the arrival of Dutchman Louis van Gaal to Barcelona.

Mourinho said in a press statement about his experience with Sir Bobby Robson: “I owe him a lot. I was a nobody in the world of football when he came to Portugal. He helped me work in two clubs in my country, and took me with him to work in one of the biggest clubs in the world. We They are very different but I learned from him what it means to be a great coach.”

A breakthrough to the world

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Mourinho celebrates with Porto winning the 2004 Champions League

Following Van Gaal’s advice to the rising Portuguese coach that he should be independent and be the first man in any technical apparatus, Mourinho began his career with Benfica, but it was a very short experience.

Then he headed to lead Uniao de Leiria during the period from July 2001 to January 2002, and presented with the team impressive levels.

The major turning point that drew the attention of the major clubs to the name “Mourinho” was when he achieved successive successes with Porto, who took over his coaching in early 2002. He led the team to winning the European Union Cup in the 2002/03 season and then to winning the Champions League in the following season, in addition to He won the Portuguese League championship in these two seasons.

With this success, it was necessary to move to one of the strongest European leagues, and here was the contract with Chelsea, England, in the summer of 2004.

In his second season with the Blues team, Mourinho managed to lead the team to the English Premier League title.

Later on, Mourinho’s career continued with other big clubs. After Chelsea’s first experience, which ended in September of 2007, Mourinho headed to Italy to sign with Inter Milan in the summer of 2008, an experience that was hugely successful. trilogy in 2010.

In May 2010, Real Madrid decided to sign the young Portuguese coach strongly, which agreed with the same Mourinho, but the dilemma was the penalty clause of 16 million euros, the amount that the Spanish club had to pay to bring Mourinho to succeed Chilean Manuel Pellegrini.

During his three years under Mourinho’s leadership, Real Madrid achieved the League Championship, the King’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, but the third season was very disappointing for the Real Madrid fans, and the coach’s disputes with the players increased, especially goalkeeper Iker Casillas, and the Spanish press. Therefore, after losing the Cup final to Atletico Madrid in May 2013, the two parties – Mourinho and the club’s management – decided to end the relationship by mutual consent.

Mourinho returned again to Chelsea, and succeeded in winning the Premier League title in his second season with the team, but the unfortunate start of his third season ended his contract with the English club after losing nine of 16 league games.

This successive decline of the Portuguese coach, Haitham Mohamed, a journalist at Goal “Arabic Version” sees it, “consists of a decline in the coach’s career, who lost much of his glow, and the reason is due to his tactical inertia and his failure to keep pace with changes in the game, and his adherence to the same methods that caused his successful career, but Almost ten years ago.”

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Mourinho led Manchester United to win the Europa League in 2017

In another stage of his career, Mourinho, also known as “Special One”, took over the training of Manchester United in May 2016, and succeeded during his period with the Red Devils, which lasted for nearly two and a half years, in achieving the European League title, the English League Cup, and the Super Cup. English.

The Portuguese coach’s adventure with Manchester United ended in December of 2018 after a poor start to the season and a decline in performance.

Mourinho did not miss only ten months of training before returning from the Tottenham gate, an experience that lasted 17 months and ended without achieving any achievement for the first time in the world of coaching.

Now, with Mourinho taking charge of Roma, the ambitious Portuguese coach and Roma fans hope to return the club to the ranks of the championship teams in Calcio and perhaps reproduce Inter’s championships in the 2009/10 season