December 6, 2021

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Japanese princess marries her boyfriend and gives up her royal title

Princess Mako and her boyfriend Komor first met in 2012

After years of controversy, Japanese Princess Mako will marry her school friend, Kai Komor, a commoner in Japan, this month. Mako will relinquish her royal status to consummate the marriage.

The Imperial Palace Authority said that the wedding ceremony will take place on the twenty-sixth of this month, after they were scheduled to marry in 2018, but it was postponed due to reports that the Komore family was experiencing financial difficulties. The couple are expected to move to New York, where Komore is a lawyer.

The local media intensified its coverage of the princess’s and her boyfriend’s movements. According to Kyodo News, the great media interest in Princess Mako – who is the daughter of Japanese Crown Prince Fumihito – and her friend’s family over the past years has caused her to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her uncle’s wife, Empress Masako, also suffered from a stress-related illness after she faced severe pressure to produce a male heir to the throne. In Japan, there is a stigma attached to people with mental illness.

The couple, Princess Mako and her boyfriend, first met in 2012 at International Christian University in Tokyo. The couple were engaged in 2017, through an engagement ceremony, and they set the following year as a date for marriage, but Komuro’s mother faced financial problems, as reports stated that she borrowed from her ex-fiancé and was unable to return the amount.

The Imperial Palace denied that it had anything to do with the postponement of the marriage, but the Crown Prince, Prince Fumihito, said it was important to resolve financial problems before the marriage could take place. It has been reported that Princess Mako will forgo an estimated $1.3 million, which is traditionally paid to a member of the royal family who is moving to a new residence.

It is also expected that she will condone the usual rituals of royal weddings, and if Princess Mako does so – giving up money and bows – she will be the first member of the royal family to do so.

According to Japanese laws, any female member of the royal family who marries a commoner loses her position, unlike the men of the royal family.

Harry and Megan Japan

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Komor’s haircut has sparked a lot of controversy in Japanese society

Kai Komore was already a controversial figure, and caused a media frenzy upon his arrival in Tokyo, early this week before the announcement of the marriage, because of his haircut known as a ponytail or “Ponytail”.

In a country where appearance plays a major role in cementing impressions, some Japanese felt that his haircut was new evidence that he was not fit to marry Princess Mako.

This reaction shows the kind of scrutiny and public pressure the couple have been under since they announced their engagement. Reports about his mother’s financial situation and how his relations with the royal palace helped him enroll in an American university to study law made headlines.

Supporters of the duo praised Comor’s resilience to the media craze that accompanied the announcement of his engagement to a member of the royal family, and all of the above, in addition to their decision to live in the United States, gave them the name “Harry and Megan Japan.”

Although they are much less well known than the British royal family, the fact that their relationship came to light in this way is a rare sight for the world’s oldest royal family.