December 7, 2022

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It is heading to rise the price of gold in Egypt and globally in the middle of today

turn The price of gold in Egypt, to rise in the middle of the day Monday, June 21, 2021, to achieve a noticeable increase in its prices in the morning, which began with a slight increase with the return of the stock exchanges and markets to work after the weekend

Division announced gold In Egypt, the price of 24-carat gold, in goldsmiths without workmanship, in the middle of the day, Monday, is 878 pounds, and in the morning it was 873 pounds, and the 21-carat carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, it reaches 767, and it was in the morning, 764 pounds, and the caliber is 18 carats, It amounts to 658 pounds, and it was in the morning, 655 pounds, and the gold pound, at 6135 pounds, and it was 6125 pounds in the morning.

witnessed world gold price A continuous upward trend due to the decline in treasury bond yields after the end of the Federal Reserve shock, which caused great losses during the past week, against the background of the Fed’s announcement that it expected to raise interest rates twice during 2023, a year ahead of its previous expectations.

US gold futures rose 0.4%, and spot gold rose 0.7%, boosted by the decline in US Treasury yields, while the dollar stabilized near its multi-month peak.

and record gold price 21 carat is the most prevalent in Egypt, in the financial markets, this morning, Monday, 783.08 pounds, and its price was 776.61 pounds, while the ounce “ounce” recorded $1,777.74 and it was $1,764.31.