January 16, 2022

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Interruption of the services of “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “WhatsApp” and other platforms

Applications belonging to Facebook, including its social networking site of the same name, the popular photo sharing platform Instagram and the messaging application WhatsApp, have been disrupted by tens of thousands of users.

01:46 – Facebook CTO: The website’s online services may take some time to get back up to 100%.

01:35 – “Facebook” announces the return of its platforms to work and apologizes to its customers.

01:10 – WhatsApp is down again in different parts of the world after returning to work for a short period

00:55 – “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” platforms return to work partially.

00:30 – After being down for hours… a new message when trying to open the “Facebook” website

00:25 – “The New York Times”: “Facebook” sent a small team of employees to the company’s data center in California to manually re-activate the company’s servers.

00.15 – Down Detector: Reports of malfunctions on the YouTube, Zoom, Netflix and Viber platforms.

23:40 – Reports of technical problems in the “Snapchat” application

23:35 – Google: There are no malfunctions in the “Gmail” service at the moment

23:25 – Forbes: Zuckerberg loses about $7 billion due to Facebook outage

23:20 – A company specializing in cyber security reveals the most likely reason for the disruption of the “Facebook” platforms

23:12 – “Kentech” Internet Services Company: Facebook today made a change in network routing information

23:02 – A WhatsApp official told NBC: Nothing works in the building except e-mail.

23:00 Media: Facebook employees are unable to enter their offices

22:59 – The New York Times: Facebook employees cannot enter the company’s premises.

22:55 – Facebook: It is unlikely that the failure of its platforms was due to cyber attacks.

22:42 – Snowden comments on the malfunction of social media platforms and suggests an alternative.

22:35 – Reports of technical malfunctions in the “LinkedIn”, “Telegram”, “Tik Tok” and “Tinder” applications.

22:30 – Reports of technical malfunctions in the “Gmail” email service of Google.

22:27 – Reports of a malfunction in the application of the “Coinbase” company for cryptocurrency in the United States.

21:55 – The White House: Communication platforms have proven that they have a power that they cannot control.

21:38 – American media: Reports of difficulties in conducting terrestrial communications in the United States.

21:05 – The Pentagon announces that it is studying the possibility of a security threat in light of what is happening with social media.

19:45 – Facebook’s stock fell to $323.56

19:40 – Facebook shares fell 5.5% after the disruption of the services of the site and the platforms “Instagram” and “WhatsApp”.

19:15 – Facebook issues a short statement on Twitter

18:48 – The personal information of more than 1.5 billion Facebook accounts was traded on the Farsana Forum.

17:25 Downdetector: Reports of a bug in Coinbase’s US cryptocurrency app.