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How much is the price per ton for the consumer – Iron and cement prices today

Citizens are awaiting iron and cement prices today, Sunday, October 10, in factories and companies, after prices were affected during the last period, and prices moved in the market and cement prices increased after the increase in gasoline prices. Iron is included in many industries, and iron prices are affected by the real estate market. If the prices increase, the prices of real estate units rise, and iron is included in many industries, but it is considered one of the basic elements in building real estate units.

Iron prices today, Sunday, October 10, 2021

Iron prices stabilized today, Sunday, according to official prices in Egypt, as the price of a ton of iron today in the factory ranges between 14,200-14,600 pounds, and a ton of iron reaches the consumer between 14,300-14,700 pounds per ton. The prices of iron were as follows:

Iron today Sunday 10 October 2021price per ton
Ezz Steel PricesRecord 14700 pounds per ton.
Iron prices.Record 14500 pounds per ton
Porter iron pricesRecord 14600 pounds per ton.
Iron ferry pricesRecord 13700 pounds per ton.
Egyptian iron pricesRecord 14400 pounds per ton.
Decimal iron pricesRecord 13700 pounds per ton
Iron Egypt Steel PricesRecord 13700 pounds per ton.

Cement prices today, Sunday, October 10, 2021

The importance of cement does not differ from iron, as prices have recently increased by up to 20 pounds per ton to 40 pounds per ton. We present to you cement prices today, Sunday, in the Egyptian market.

  • The price of reinforced cement reached 1056 pounds.
  • The price of Nasr Cement reached 1035 pounds.
  • The price of Lafarge “special” cement recorded 1035 pounds.
  • The price of Suez Cement recorded at 1020 pounds.
  • The price of Nile Valley cement reached 985 pounds.
  • The price of Helwan cement reached 1010 pounds.
  • The price of Egypt Cement Qena stabilized at 970 pounds.
  • The price of Swedish cement recorded 1090 pounds.

Factors that control iron and cement prices today, Sunday

There is no fixed price for iron and cement prices, both of which are affected by external factors, including dollar prices. Iron is fuel, especially the successive increases announced by the government in accordance with the international prices determined by the Pricing Policy Committee. The warehouse gets many advantages from Wawanas, which makes it ignite the iron market among the competing companies. We present to you the prices of iron and cement today, Sunday, according to the government pricing, and the prices of Ezz Steel.