September 18, 2021

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How does the return of Russian flights affect Egyptian tourism?

The decision of the Russian President is seen by Representative Amr Hussain Hindi, Undersecretary of the Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee in BEgyptian House of Representatives “Very positive, but it came a little late, because Egypt is a country of safety and security, and the political leadership during the last period provided all safety measures to all those on its lands.”

Hindi continued, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the decision has an important positive impact on the country.” Egyptian tourism Which represents a unique tourist destination for various countries of the world, in addition to its strong control over the outbreak of the Corona virus, and working according to strict precautionary measures.

He valued the Egyptian efforts to restore tourism to its previous era, saying: “An excellent effort was made by everyone, starting with the political leadership, and the Ministry of Tourism worked hard, and also coordinated with all the upcoming delegations that we will see in the coming days.”

Regarding the discussion by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee on the decision, its impact and preparation for it, he explained: “We have not discussed anything yet in the committee, but we are waiting to see how things go during the coming period and the return of tourism, and then there will certainly be a talk in Parliament.”

was Putin He signed a presidential decree banning airlines from Russia From operating any flights to Egypt, except for those heading to the capital Cairo.

The decision to ban came against the backdrop of the disaster of the famous Russian passenger plane crash, which killed 224 people on board.

“Historic” decision

At the same time, the advisor to the former Minister of Tourism, Walid Al-Batouti, indicated in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that “Russian tourists did not stop going to Egypt during the last period, but they were incurring additional money by traveling to other countries to reach here, This is a harsh matter for many of them, so the decision is historic, and it will have a very large positive impact on the tourism system in the world Egypt”.

He continued, “One of the positive things about the Russian tourist is that he used to visit Egypt more than once a year. He is a renewable tourist, as we say, other than that on the economic level, we see him as strong and benefit hotels and trips, in addition to supplying Egypt with the hard currency it needs.”

Al-Batouti also praised the achievements made during the past period in this field, saying: “The situation now has become completely different. Over the past two years, Egypt has worked distinctively on the infrastructure, raising the level of services and the level of precautionary means in all tourist facilities.”

strong relationships

In press statements, the Russian Consul in Hurghada, Victor Politav, commented on the announcement of the return of Russian flights to Egyptian tourist resorts.

He said, “The relations between Egypt and Russia are strong, and I welcome the return of flights between the two countries. The decision will open new doors in relations between Cairo and Moscow.”

The Russian consul pointed out that “as a Russian citizen and diplomat, he, like all the Russian community in Hurghada, feels joy and happiness for the resumption of flights between the two countries, especially since the flight time will only take 4 hours, stressing that Egypt is the first tourist destination for Russians, especially Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.” .

important industry

Speaking to “Sky News Arabia”, El-Batouti touched on the importance of the tourism sector for Egypt, and said: “There has been great awareness for all workers during the past period, and they are now the most eager to return tourism and hotel occupancy. I told them that tourism is a very important industry.”

He pointed out that during the last period, “inspection and inspection committees were coming, and it was confirmed that Egypt is working distinctly with regard to safety means, and then based on internal reports that were determined to be a safe destination with recommendations for the safe movement of Egypt.”

The adviser to the former Minister of Tourism stressed: “In the coming hours, we will see Russian delegations coming to Egypt on direct flights, but we have to commend the role of diplomatic and political relations. Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry was always in demand in his foreign visits for the return of tourism.”

The official warned of violators, saying: “The state sets a clear and disciplined system for everyone, and whoever profits illegally will see for himself the appropriate deterrence and the decision to close awaits his facility, as the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled al-Anani is very strict in implementing the law, and the result is black for violators.”

big breakthrough

The tourism expert, Saad Al-Shami, praises the decision, which he considers “fair” because of Egypt’s measures and giant projects that serve the state and tourism, in addition to that it represents “a great breakthrough for the sector, which has suffered greatly during the last period.”

He confirmed to “Sky News Arabia”: “Internal tourism saved the entire tourism sector from collapse at some point, and a large number of workers and companies began to change their activities due to the difficult recession, in addition to the Corona crisis that hit all countries of the world.”

He explained, “Russian tourism is important to Egypt, for example, more than two million tourists entered Egypt in 2009, and the number rose to more than 3 million in 2014, which is a large and refreshing number for the entire sector.”