January 14, 2022

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Find out the dates for disbursing October salaries for government employees

The Ministry of Finance has set dates for disbursing October 2021 salaries for workers in the state’s administrative apparatus, with the ministries, agencies and bodies affiliated with them divided into three days, taking into account the number of workers in these ministries, as well as the geographical spread of each of them and its affiliated directorates in the governorates.

The Ministry called on the administrative authorities to notify their employees of the start date of the exchange. This contributes to reducing crowding on ATMs as much as possible, according to a previous statement.

She indicated that this comes in a way that is consistent with the efforts made by the state to limit gatherings and take all possible precautionary measures to confront the repercussions of Corona, and to facilitate the citizens and reduce the burdens on their shoulders.
Sunday October 24

According to the Ministry of Finance, it was decided to start disbursing October salaries for employees in 33 ministries and agencies on Sunday, October 24, and is expected to include the following:

The Ministries of Health, Social Solidarity, Supply, Transport, Communications, Manpower, Military Production, Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, the Public Business Sector, Parliament Affairs, and its affiliated departments and bodies.

The Ministries of Interior, Endowments, Culture, Antiquities, Housing, Trade and Industry, Civil Aviation, Environment, Tourism, and Petroleum, in addition to the departments and bodies affiliated to all the mentioned ministries.

The directorates of health affairs, social solidarity, catering and internal trade, roads and transportation, manpower, housing and utilities in the governorates.

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation, the National Council for Human Rights, the Supreme Council of the Press, the General Secretariat of the National Defense Council, the General Secretariat of the National Security Council, the Central Auditing Organization, and the House of Representatives.
Monday October 25

It was also decided to start disbursing the salaries of employees in 20 ministries and agencies on October 25, and it is expected to include the following:

The ministries of higher education, local development, justice, electricity, planning, investment, and international cooperation, and the departments and bodies affiliated with these ministries, as well as workers in the offices of all governorates, directorates of organization and administration, and universities in various governorates.

The judiciary, the Public Prosecution, the Administrative Prosecution Authority, the State Cases Authority, the State Council, the Administrative Control Authority, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Egyptian House of Fatwa, the Supreme Elections Committee, the Financial Services Institute, and the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.
Tuesday 26 October

It was decided to start disbursing the salaries of 13 ministries and authorities on Tuesday, October 26, and is expected to include the following:

The Ministries of Education, Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Water Resources and Irrigation, Foreign Affairs, Youth and Sports, Finance, and the departments and bodies affiliated with these ministries, as well as the directorates of Education, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, and Youth and Sports in the governorates.

– Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Presidency of the Republic, and the rest of the other parties whose salaries were not paid during the previous two days.

Entities that were unable to pay their employees’ salaries during the three mentioned days can pay them on the 27th and 28th of October.