December 8, 2021

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Egypt will become a regional hub for gas liquefaction for the purpose of exporting to the European market

Stéphane Romatet, France’s ambassador in Cairo, confirmed that Egypt, four years ago, has already succeeded in exploiting its resources in the gas sector on its coasts in the eastern Mediterranean, pointing out that there is an Egyptian ambition to become a regional pole for gas liquefaction for the purpose of exporting to the European market, stressing the importance of the Egyptian-French partnership. .

The French ambassador indicated – in an interview with “Extra News” channel on Wednesday evening – that the largest French companies, “Total”, will make investments in gas exploration operations in the northern Egyptian coasts, pointing to the Egyptian decision to establish regional cooperation in the field of energy (Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum). And that France responded to the Egyptian government by joining this forum since the first of last January.

The French ambassador in Cairo revealed that his country’s economy and finance ministers will visit Egypt in the coming weeks; They carried with them a number of goals, including strengthening the presence of French companies and financing major projects needed to achieve development in Egypt.

On the strengthening of French-Egyptian cultural ties in general and the (innovation) initiative between the two countries, Romatet said, “It is a matter that is developing very rapidly in Egypt, which has become a country for innovation, especially in the digital economy, noting that since he assumed his duties in Egypt and during the past years, he noticed The rapid pace of entrepreneurial projects, the extent of development of startups and the development of the digital economy in Egypt is spurring France to establish links with this young new generation.

He pointed out that cooperation between France and Egypt in the field of artificial intelligence can offer a lot, and therefore this is a matter that comes among the priorities of our bilateral relationship with Egypt.

In another context, Ambassador Romatet affirmed that the Corona epidemic in most countries of the world is present in Egypt as it is in France, expressing his hope that in the future it will turn into a mere bad memory, as long as we obligatory continue to provide vaccines to our citizens.

He continued, “Egypt has concluded multiple partnerships with a number of foreign countries in order to manufacture vaccines in Egypt, and France’s role with the rest of the European countries lies in enabling Egypt, beyond the issue of manufacturing vaccines locally, to provide the necessary quantities of vaccines for the benefit of the Egyptian people. An international mechanism known as Kovacs allows various countries, especially developed countries, to provide vaccines to various countries of the world, and thus Egypt was able to obtain vaccines over the past weeks under these facilities, but beyond that, there is a necessity related to encouraging citizens to obtain vaccination, and from It is also important to think about the post-Corona era.”

He added that the Arab region is witnessing many crises, explaining that it is in the interest of Europe and France to contribute to Egypt’s stability and security, and cooperation in the security field, information exchange and visits between officers on both sides is one of the factors in achieving stability in the region.