September 18, 2021

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Egypt The owner of a wood shop offers his infant son for sale on Facebook, and the Public Prosecution Office is investigating

The Egyptian Public Prosecution reported details of the wood shop owner’s involvement in human trafficking, as it revealed that the accused had offered his infant son for sale, on a Facebook page, in exchange for a sum of money.

After the investigations, the accused admitted that his son was offered for sale on the social networking site “Facebook”, for a sum of money, explaining that he was in financial difficulty.

The accused confirmed that he created that page on “Facebook” for the same purpose, and his mobile phone was seized, which was found to be carrying messages and conversations related to the sale process.

The Egyptian security services monitored the accused via Facebook, and tracked his electronic page after obtaining permission from the investigation authorities, and revealed through investigations that the accused declared his willingness to sell his son for a sum of money, and after the prosecution issued a decision to arrest him, the security services were able to implement the decision. And he was seized with the infant while he was in the Old Cairo Police Department in Cairo, and it appeared that he was the owner of a wood shop, residing in Giza.