Egypt Mortada Mansour puts the Egyptian Zamalek in a new dilemma

The Disciplinary Committee of the International Federation announced that Zamalek will be granted a grace period until the end of this month to pay the rest of the dues of the former Ghanaian team player Benjamin Ashbong. FIFA also asked the Egyptian club to pay 800,000 dollars to Sporting Lisbon, as dues for the player’s deal. Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala.

In exclusive statements with “Sky News Arabia”, the financial advisor to the Zamalek club, Tariq Hashish, reveals the team’s management plan to deal with these crises, and to bring the club to safety before the upcoming elections to head Zamalek.

Murtaza Mansour’s legacy

Tariq Hashish says that the current financial crises he suffers from Zamalek club It is the legacy of the former board of directors of the club, headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, who was suspended from work due to financial irregularities. “The current administration was surprised by a large number of problems, which we seek to solve, without imposing any sanctions on the club.”

Commenting on the financial dues to be paid in the “Ashimbong” and “Shikabala” cases, Hasheesh clarifies that the club will file appeals against FIFA rulings, or try to reach a solution with other parties in those cases, whether the Ghanaian player is Ashembong, or Sporting Club Lisbon, ” And in the event that a dead end is reached regarding solutions that get the club out of this impasse, we will provide the required sums of money, because we will not allow penalties to be imposed on the team, whether the penalty is a deduction of points or a denial of registration.

Contrary to what was reported in the local newspapers, Hashish says, “Shikabala No part will be deducted from the value of his contract with the team in order to pay the value of his transfer to the white club from Sporting Lisbon, explaining that the current crisis is caused by the delay of the previous management of the team in paying the “deal installments”, so that a fine is signed on Zamalek, and the amount increases from $ 550,000 to $ 800,000.

On the streak of that crisis, he had declared the journalist and former Zamalek club player, Ahmed Hossam Mido, That Zamalek was deducting large sums from the value of the “Shikabala” contract in order to solve the crisis “Sporting Lisbon”, Calling on the white club to disclose the fate of the money deducted from the player’s contract.

On the other hand, the financial advisor to Zamalek Al-Masry clarifies that the white club was the strongest party in the “Ashpong” case, but the absence of a former board member of the team from the session of that case, which is the reason for the club’s current crisis with the player, stressing that the current management is trying Solve that problem by mutual consent with the former team player.

‘There are no penalties’

These crises coincide with the players abstaining from training last Saturday, before a meeting The white team In front of his counterpart Wadi Degla in the Egyptian Premier League, which ended in a goalless draw, the team lost two important points in its campaign in the local championship.

In the wake of that crisis, a number of sports critics attacked the players after the match, headed by Tariq Yahya, one of the sports analysts within the Zamalek club channel, describing the team’s tie as a “divine punishment” for the players, referring to their abstaining from training before the match, due to demanding late financial dues.

Commenting on the abstention of some of the team’s players from training, Hasheesh confirmed that the technical staff did not inform the management of that incident, so no sanctions were imposed on the players, “Of course we will not allow any player within the team to overstep their limits, or abstain from training, especially since most of the players got On the value of 25 per cent of the advance of their contracts, and the players must take into account the financial crisis that the club is going through, bearing in mind that we always put them in the first place, and their obtaining a percentage of the value of their contracts before reaching the half of the season is the biggest proof of that.

In the conclusion of his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Tariq Hashish, the financial advisor to Zamalek Club, sent a message of reassurance to the fans of the White Castle, “Things have not gone out of control so far, and we will reach solutions to all these crises soon, without being affected. Zamalek clubOr he is subject to any punishment. ”
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