Egypt fears a new outbreak of Corona

Egyptian government sources announced to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the number of the Injuries The daily recorded virus Corona, And exceeded 600 cases per day, despite the decline in the influx of infected people to Hospitals, Will have an impact on the upcoming government decision Back in school In presence in schools and universities, which is expected to be partial.
Often, the effect will not be limited to how the study resumes. After the Ministry of Education and Technical Education approved remote study and a procedure Exams From a distance, in light of the weakness of the Internet, the government is studying a proposal to postpone the return of studies until teachers, university professors, and administrators in various educational institutions receive the vaccine, with the extension of the second semester until after the end of Eid al-Fitr (next May).
The sources attribute this proposal to the increase in the number of injuries in parallel with the issuance of new official data that will be presented to the Crisis Management Committee, which includes many negative indicators related to the indifference of citizens during the recent period of social distancing, that is, during the end of the mid-year vacation in schools and universities before university exams.
The report shows a remarkable increase in the turnout of restaurants, cabarets, shops, cafes, cinemas and the Nile Corniche by forty percent, compared to what the situation was until mid-January.

According to the report, the percentage of citizens’ turnout for the vegetable and fruit markets has not changed, at a time when the use of public transport has decreased by twenty percent due to the closure of universities and institutes, apart from periods of vacation.
A previous report revealed that the demand for tourist places, beaches and hotels witnessed a decline of more than ninety percent compared to last year. The current report recorded an increase due to domestic tourism, as the decrease stabilized at seventy-seven percent, which can be considered as a result of the government’s efforts to revive tourism activity. Three weeks ago, the government launched a campaign called “I am in Egypt” to encourage Egyptians to move to the Red Sea resorts, Luxor and Aswan.
Based on these results, it became clear that the high number of injuries may represent the beginning of a new wave of injuries. The sources say that the competent departments in the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population expect a significant increase in the number of injuries during the month of April / April, based on a number of data, the first of which is the return of the study during next March, and the end of the vaccination period from the scientifically estimated infection with an average of three months for the largest proportion Of the injured so far, whether registered or otherwise, as well as because of the spread of infection more in periods of climate change, considering that these expectations are “catastrophic” because the expected rise coincides with the month of Ramadan and some tests.

They wear the muzzle (Fadel Daoud / Getty)

The sources stated that the decrease in the arrival of suspected cases to hospitals, with the availability of beds in them, “is completely separate from the possibility of a significant increase in the numbers in the coming period,” and that is due to the official expansion in home isolation, which also contributed to providing official treatments for the injured, while continuing to isolate them outside hospitals. In addition to the high rates of cure (according to official announcements) to adopt a plan for ten days after the appearance of the basic symptoms to declare recovery and remove the patient from the hospital, without requiring that the examination be transformed from positive to negative.
The decision to resume studies appears to be the most difficult during the current year, which requires a “sovereign decision,” and not only a technical or health decision from the competent authorities. With the aim of finding reasonable ways to deal with that decision, a proposal has been proposed to vaccinate the components of the school system, to make the return safer.
The main problem facing this proposal is the vagueness of the vaccination program at the national level so far.

Five days after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke about the success of the program so far, the state did not open the door for vaccination registration and did not even succeed in vaccinating medical staff in all isolation hospitals, which are the priority in the program, or the campaign, as Sisi described it, due to the low number The quantities imported into Egypt so far, whether imported by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (one hundred thousand doses) or the Egyptian Consolidated Purchase Authority (fifty thousand doses), a figure that seems very small in relation to the number of doctors, nurses and administrative workers in hospitals and people with chronic diseases, and what is impossible With him adding elements of the educational system at the present time for the target groups.
Through a previous conversation with government sources about the electronic system that will be set up to register citizens who want to receive the vaccine, it became clear that the vast majority of vaccines will be distributed in exchange for a sum of money that varies according to their type, and may also differ according to the same service, whether it is in public centers for the vaccine, in hospitals, or with knowledge. Citizen Personality.
Egypt recorded an increase in the number of injuries, and the number of injuries exceeded 171390, and the number of deaths 9804, at a time when the number of people recovered reached about 133,331 people.