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Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United awaits the Portuguese star’s first appearance in his second career with the team

Manchester United fans eagerly await Ronaldo’s return

The Manchester United team is preparing for the appearance of its former star, Cristiano Ronaldo, in his first match with the team in his second experience with the English team, this weekend.

No one can accuse Manchester United of shortening or underestimating the event of Ronaldo’s return, as the player himself is the event wherever he goes and travels, but his movements and contacts occupied the headlines of newspapers as well as social networking sites.

Club officials were also keen to modify the famous giant banner at the United Stadium to add a clear image of the player, and the media coverage of the match between United and Newcastle was devoted to the 36-year-old Portuguese star under the title: “Auspicious return to your home Ronaldo.”

Andy Kilduff, one of the founders of the Football Support League, compares Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United with one event in the team’s history, which is Eric Cantona’s return to the club after the expiration of his ban.

He says, “The match was against Liverpool, and we were wondering whether he would be included in the starting line-up, or in reserve. He had been out of play for months. When he emerged from the stadium tunnel, the audience erupted in cheers and chants.”

“How will the fans deal with Ronaldo’s first appearance against Newcastle? We will see. The fans’ love for him has never stopped,” says Kilduff.

He added, “When we played against Real Madrid in 2013, and Ronaldo was playing in the Spanish team at the time, the indoor announcer in the stadium read the names of the players in the order of numbers, but he finally left Ronaldo, even though he was carrying the number 7 shirt, and said, “Ronaldo’s auspicious return.”

first start

Circumstances were completely different when Ronaldo embarked on his first Manchester United career 18 years ago.

The summer of 2003 was not comfortable for the club. David Beckham left for Real Madrid, and Manchester United were unable to sign Ronaldinho, who moved to Barcelona from Paris Saint-Germain.

With the exception of the Brazilian magician, Manchester United’s deals would have been limited to David Bellion, Eric Gamba Gamba, Tim Howard and Cleberson. Only goalkeeper Tim Howard succeeded in the first team.

And Ronaldo joined Manchester United for 12.24 million pounds, four days before the opening match against Bolton, which United won 4-0.

Although the 18-year-old showed great potential, the focus was all on the contract amount, which made him the most expensive young player in British football history. He would have left Sporting Lisbon for free after only 12 months.

“We didn’t know much about him. He was 19,” says Nikki Hunt, who played his first Premier League game for Bolton at the time.

After 61 minutes, Bolton was 1-0 down, but Manchester United was not convincing in his superiority. Visitors are also starting to gain confidence and create opportunities.

Perhaps coach Alex Ferguson spoke to himself, according to Hunt, saying, “I am not satisfied with what is happening, I will pay the best player in the world.”

Hunt added, “I played a lot against the wings and the attackers, the winger at the time was often looking at the ground and focused on running, kicking and passing the ball. When Ronaldo entered the field, all my focus was to hit him. I did it twice, he got upset and then started spinning the ball and manipulating it, I was following His legs move instead of focusing on the ball. Sometimes you feel spinning in front of this situation.”

He said, “He was playing with his legs in dribbling and surprises that Thierry Henry and Ryan Giggs do, but not as fast. He also does not stop, using his two legs to dribble you from both sides. It is difficult for you to follow his legs and the ball too.”

“I played against him 5 or 6 times, and I’m tired of chasing after him.”

Have fun playing it

When we review Ronaldo’s first career at Manchester United, we find some difficult periods in it. His performance was not consistently good, until the 2006-2007 season, when he demonstrated the capabilities of the world-class player.

“Some people think that Ronaldo’s start with Manchester United was the best in the club’s history,” says Kilduff. “What do they think of Wayne Rooney’s start, and he scored a hat-trick in the Champions League? Hardly anyone remembers that.”

“Bolton’s match was not good. It was fun. This was what the fans were looking for, and he found in Ronaldo’s techniques what he was looking for.”

“He was outstanding against Bolton, but his career took a while to get off to a strong start. He won people’s admiration. But he didn’t do much. He would spin 20 times on the ground whenever he got hit and the referee complained. After a while in the Bolton game, we played against Charlton and his fans were taunting us. They said, “You bought a fake Ronaldo.”

Ronaldo scored 118 goals for Manchester United, 91 of which, or 77 percent, were scored in the last three seasons, in which United won the English Premier League and the Champions League. He reached the final and semi-finals, and also won the Club World Cup. And the English League Cup and played the final and semi-final in the FA Cup.

Warm welcome guaranteed

Will Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United be a positive energy for the team or will he be a nuisance to his new teammates?

When he scored twice in the final minutes to give Portugal victory against Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers, he missed a penalty after hitting it, although those kicks often went to his team-mate Bruno Fernandes, who is known for scoring a high rate of penalty kicks with Manchester United.

And coach Solskjaer has to deal with this at United. Because now he is under terrible pressure.

The match against Newcastle is expected to be festive. The last time Ronaldo played against them, he scored a hat-trick, and United won six goals for nothing.

Fans don’t want the match, after all the festive atmosphere surrounding it, to end in a draw or United defeat