September 18, 2021

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“Big Ramy” donates his wages to “Her Excellency” to the “Long Live Egypt” Fund: “I am not going to sell myself” (video)


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Ramy Al-Subaie, Mr. Olympia champion of bodybuilding, announced that he donated the money he received for his appearance on the “Her Excellency” program with the media, Esaad Younes, on dmc, to the “Long Live Egypt” fund.

“Big Rami” said during the meeting: “After winning the title of Mr. Olympia, there was a big talk about the price of media appearances, and I said that I am in my country, and I am not coming to sell myself to people in Egypt .. We are all to Egypt and my program is 150 thousand pounds, and I am I think that this amount is the least I need for the Long Live Egypt Fund. ”

He added that he is from Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, and from a family of fishermen, and he continued: “After studying, I worked with my family in the field of fishing, and I had a brother who was 15 years older than me, and he loved the game of bodybuilding very much and at a time I saw a giant and my soul remained a bodybuilding champion, and we 11 brother and sister and I am number 10 among them.

“Big Rami” indicated that he traveled to Kuwait at the beginning of his life and worked in a sports club, adding: “I worked 18 hours a day at 70 dinars a month, then I started gradually in my career in bodybuilding, and I was training gym goers.” In Kuwait, I preferred to work until I got to work in the largest gym in Kuwait.

He continued: “I got married in 2010 and I have 3 daughters, Loujain, Darin and Aisha, and after God blesses me with a daughter, I achieve a championship so that the girls are like that, and the girls are like a sweet supreme, and most girls take her father’s heart, and my children are the laugh of life.”

On the secret of huge muscles and how to form them, Mr. Olympia champion of bodybuilding said: “By going to the gym, we break the muscles and relax them with specific training, then build them and form them through nutrition and training again as we want them, and the muscles are huge according to the quality of nutrition, training and biological composition as well.”

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