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All you need to know about the rules of admission to the university

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has published an “infographic” illustrating the rules for coordinating admission to public universities and institutes for enrollment in the academic year 2022/2022.

The “Infographic” included (Q&A) to answer the questions of high school students regarding the coordination of admission to public universities and institutes for enrollment in the academic year 2022/2022, as follows:

Q/ Is the student entitled to re-nominate him again after announcing the coordination result?

A / He is not entitled to do so after announcing the result of coordination and obtaining the final nomination card.

Q/ What is the position of colleges that are subject to regional acceptance regarding transfers?

C / Transfer to it is made according to the minimum, provided that the student has obtained a high school diploma from the educational administration in which the university is located.

Q/ How can a student access the e-coordination website?

C/ By entering the student’s seat number and password.

Q/ What is the number of requests available to the student to register on the coordination website?

C / The number of wishes available to the student on the website is 75.

Q/ How can a student know the college for which he is definitively nominated?

C/ Media Center The student enters the e-coordination website and prints the nomination card that includes the college for which he is being nominated, after the end of the transfers stage, where the nomination card is considered final.

Q/ When are transfers to reduce expatriation open to students?

C / After announcing the result of the second stage of coordination, where the door for transfers to reduce expatriation is opened for the first and second stages together, and the result is announced within the limits of the prescribed percentage, which is 10% according to the capacity of the college to be transferred to, and it is within the framework of the geographical area (A) and the transfer is one time Only and there is no triple transfer, and after announcing the result of the third stage, the door for transfers is opened for the third stage with the same rules.

Q/ What is the regional admission and what colleges are subject to it?

A/ Regional admission is that admission to some colleges and institutes is restricted to students who have obtained a high school diploma from the educational region in which these colleges and institutes are located. Regional admission is only applicable to colleges of education and nursing in their various branches.

Q/ Is the student entitled to change his place of residence to change the geographical distribution?

A / The student is not entitled to this, as the geographical distribution is according to the educational administration from which the student obtained a high school certificate, and the change of the new residence is not considered.

Q/ How is admission to government universities and institutes?

A/ Via the Internet “Electronic coordination is a free service available through the following website:

Q/ Is there a change in the electronic coordination system for government universities and institutes?

A/ There is no change in the coordination system for public universities and institutes, and the coordination system is completely electronic as usual

Q/ What are the places to obtain the electronic coordination service?

C/ – The student’s personal computer connected to the Internet.

Computer labs in Egyptian universities and their affiliated colleges in different governorates, provided that all precautionary and preventive measures approved by the World Health Organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health are followed, and the maximum degree of social distancing is achieved to ensure the safety of everyone.

Q/ Can the student print his wishes after registering on the website?

c/ The student can print the wishes that he entered, and obtain a receipt with a specific number, dated the date and time of submission, or keep a copy of the student’s wishes on his personal computer; So that he can refer to it when needed.

Q/ How does the student get to know the college he is nominated for?

c/ The student re-enters the site; To know the college to which he is nominated, and to print the nomination card, in light of the minimum announced in each of the various stages of coordination, after announcing the result of coordination.

Q/ What are the rules to be observed in electronic coordination?

C / – You must be careful when writing the desires, and write all the branches of the faculties that the student wishes to enroll in.

The need to keep the secret number for registering desires, and not let anyone know it.

– Beware of fake entities, and the need to adhere to the accredited universities and institutes on the coordination website, the Ministry of Higher Education, and the official social networking pages of the following ministry: