September 18, 2021

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After crowning Africa, Mohamed El-Sayed raises the banner of the “Pharaohs” in Tokyo

Teams participated in the tournament Egypt Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, South Africa, Mauritius, Angola and Cape Verde.

For his part, Mohamed Al-Sayed said African Championship Gold And qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics to “Sky News Arabia”, he started from the round of four in the championship, because he was the number one in Africa in sport Dueling sword weapon And so, he avoided the preliminary rounds and started from the round of four, then qualified for the final match to face and win the Malian champion and win the championship gold.

Egypt’s preparations

On the Egyptian team’s preparations for the fencing for the Olympics, Al-Sayed said, “Egyptian Fencing Federation He plans to conduct international camps, and a solid plan based on contact with other teams and the physical and psychological preparation. ”

Al-Sayed explained: “In the past, we lacked international contact and sponsors for the Egyptian Federation, and we lacked international camps, and there were no distinguished players in the sport of arms in a large way in Egypt, but at the present time the recent results of Egypt in the world championships, especially in the tournament.” The last ones that were held in the country showed the distinction of our level, because the current Federation of Weapons headed by Abdel Moneim Al-Husseini has been able to provide training and plans in recent years, and has also succeeded in providing sponsors who provide us with financial support that facilitates us entering international tournaments, and the work of camps outside Egypt, and thus not It’s harder for us to win and get medals. “

The future of fencing in Egypt

He pointed out that the future of this sport is promising in Egypt, because the plans are in place to ensure the continuation and development of the game of arms in the country and make it distinctive globally in this field, noting that the Egyptian players in the sword fencing weapon are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and then the Paris Olympics, and therefore he is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and then Work will begin to maintain and upgrade it in order to preserve gold African Championship Repetition of participation and good results in the Paris Olympics, especially since he is 18 years old, and thus the chances of repeating participation and obtaining medals are great.

And Abizaid: “There are no longer major differences between Egyptian team And international teams such as the Russian and American national team. A large number of Egyptian players beat their counterparts from the United States and Russia, and in the last tournament we managed to win against France and lost by one point against Russia. ”

Al-Sayed pointed out that the Egyptian Federation took advantage of the closure period witnessed last year due to the spread of the Corona virus to prepare well and maintain the level of the players.

He explained: “The Egyptian Federation provided us with home training, in addition to online sessions with trainers and psychological rehabilitation, as well as in-home weapon training, unlike many teams that were not training during the closing period, which made our level appear strongly in recent posts and we can now be able.” Winning over the world’s most powerful teams. ”


The Egyptian champion Mohamed El-Sayed continued: “The month of Ramadan did not affect us negatively during the African Championship, especially since the championship hall was air-conditioned, which eased us from the heat. Olympiad”But I can promise that all the Egyptian players will do their best in the hope of God’s success in getting a medal.”