September 18, 2021

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A picture of a doctor who ordered a nurse to prostrate to his dog in Cairo

It is the first picture of an Egyptian doctor who appeared in a video that was crowded with communication sites and the media over the past two days, and “Al” published a previous report about psychological and emotional torture he practiced against a nurse who claimed that he mocked and insulted his dog, so he asked him to prostrate to the dog, which is a picture It was published by the Egyptian news website “Baladna Al-Youm”, and said that it was “from its sources,” and that he called Dr. Sherine Ghaleb, the head of the Cairo Doctors Syndicate, who said that the syndicate would summon the doctor on Saturday for interrogation.

It was also reported by a number of Egyptian media, today, that the intended doctor is Dr. Amr Khairy, head of the orthopedic department at Ain Shams University Hospital in Cairo, but the incident did not occur in it, nor in any other hospital affiliated with the university whose president, Dr. Mahmoud El-Matini, mentioned The doctor and the nurse will also appear on Saturday before the university’s investigation authorities, according to what was quoted by the local newspaper, Al-Watan.

“He was just a jerk.”

Dr. Khairy himself appeared to some local media, and stated that the video “was just a joker” with his assistant nurse, and that “the last part was fabricated,” noting that it was just attempts to blackmail him about two months ago, and he explained that hackers appeared to him from Azerbaijan, and stole his WhatsApp account data to bargain for money. However,, which read this statement on 7 Egyptian news sites, was unable to identify who first transmitted it from the doctor’s tongue, which angered millions with what he did.

What is new now, is that what Dr. Khairy did, happened, according to what the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm” reported, without a clear source, in the “Nozha International Hospital”, which is private, based in the Heliopolis area, and in which the nurse helped him two others, who appeared in the video Shown again below, they are both dressed in administrative security uniforms, each holding a rope over which the nurse jumps, as punishment for his mockery and insult to the dog, his name is Bobby.

In the video, which lasts 4 minutes, we find the nurse whose name is unknown until now, refusing to obey what the doctor ordered, and suggesting that he be punished with electricity, because it is easier for him than prostrating to someone other than God. But I can make it a salutation and strike him as a salutation,” that is, to the dog whose image is not clearly visible.

However, the doctor continued to force him to carry out his wish, and said to him: “Are you making fun of my dog? Is he doing something for you? Ok, pray now for the dog.” Then he ordered him to jump the rope several times in succession, and he began to count his jumps and warn him by saying: “You will not be able to hit it.” I swear, I swear to God.” Dr. Amr ignored him, and continued after his leaps.

Are you talking about my dog?

We hear Dr. Khairy saying to the nurse also in the video, which we don’t know who filmed it: “Are you talking about my dog? I’m sitting like Pasha behind, Pasha is sitting wrong. Why did you get it wrong? And you tell them that I came because the dog ran away? You prostrated to the dog.” The nurse shouted and said, “Oh, it’s not me.” The orthopedic doctor replied to him and said, “He remains. Are you tired? Wait, stay, prostrate to him.”

Then he said to him: “Put the plug into the electricity, we will start the electricity, you are absolutely reassuring about me,” in response to him blaming the nurse by saying: “I mean, I am reassuring you.” And the orthopedic doctor continued, and said: “You insulted my dog, my friend, the third time, and the third repented,” adding, in response to the nurse’s pleas: “I joke with him,” by saying: “Bobby Mbehrgash is with someone.