September 18, 2021

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A Norwegian tourist in Egypt this is what you can buy for only 10 dollars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Want to travel this summer? Perhaps you should add Egypt to your list, as you will be able to enjoy various tourist activities, without worrying about your limited budget.

Norwegian travel blogger Udon Omidal, who stayed in Egypt for about a year with his wife, decided to see what he could buy for just $10 in Egypt.

Omidal considers Egypt to be completely different from his native Norway, where people can be seen everywhere, specifically in the capital, Cairo.

Speaking to CNN in Arabic, Omidal said, “Almost everything is very expensive in Norway, and you can’t buy a lot of things for $10. I thought it might be interesting for people to watch this video if they were planning their visit to Egypt.”

Among the things Omidal received for this amount were: Koshary, coffee, a soft drink, juice, falafel, a lighter, a book, and a Santa Claus hat. He also managed to ride the metro, and an Uber.

Omidal explained, “The prices in Egypt are very reasonable… I can really recommend a visit to Egypt, especially because of its prices.”

The tour guide in Egypt, Irene Youssef, pointed out that the country is characterized by a diversity of tourist, cultural, beach, therapeutic and religious activities. In each of these activities, Youssef explained that there is a gradation in prices, starting from international hotels, and luxury restaurants, to small hotels, camps, and popular restaurants, which are admired by all tourists.

Youssef suggested some suitable places for tourists on a budget.

In Cairo, there are many places for shopping and dining, most notably Khan El Khalili. This site is characterized by the presence of all the products that tourists like to have, especially souvenirs, at reasonable prices. Restaurants and cafes serve homemade Egyptian meals and drinks.

Similar markets exist in most of the tourist cities in Egypt, such as Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, and Siwa.

Al-Moez Street is very interesting to eat traditional foods and Egyptian sweets, which are sold on carts spread out on both sides of the road.

And if you are a fan of museums and antiquities, you can visit them anywhere in Egypt, as the ticket price does not exceed $ 15, which is a reasonable price compared to many places around the world.

Nile picnics are one of the most enjoyable activities undertaken by the tourist, especially during sunset.

Youssef explained that there is a metro network in Egypt, which is safe, cheap and fast and covers most places. There are also inter-provincial train lines at great prices and a distinguished service that covers from Cairo to Aswan.

She also mentioned the existence of long-distance sleeping (VIP) trains, including premium trains.

And if you are a lover of nature and tranquility, there are many camps scattered along the coasts of the sea in Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba, in which you can find offers at great prices.

The video received a lot of reactions after it was posted on YouTube.

While some people told him he couldn’t get all of these items for just $10, others told him he paid too much for his purchases.

Omidal explained that these prices are considered high for many Egyptians, according to what he was told.

At the moment, there are no travel plans for Omidal, and he will remain in Norway until the COVID-19 situation around the world improves. After that, he aspires to travel again, and perhaps he can visit Egypt as well.