August 12, 2022

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A new feature to prevent Apple tracking and It will not be available in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Apple announced many updates on the first day of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference “WWDC”, which began virtually Monday and will run until next Friday, according to the websitecnet”.

The event began with a speech from Apple President Tim Cook, who reviewed iOS 15 and many other exciting software updates for the company.

Besides the release of iOS 15, Apple’s operating system upgrades unveiled on Monday included the iPod OS 15, Mac OS X Monterey, and Watch OS 8, as it was confirmed that it was likely that the public beta versions would be Available in the fall, but currently available to developers.

And Apple announced a new feature for developers called Xbox, designed to help test apps across multiple devices. The company said that once a developer uploads their code to the company’s servers, it will be automatically tested across multiple devices and can then be easily made available to beta testers.

Safari renewal

Apple’s web browser (Safari) on its Mac has always been the second choice for users after Google Chrome or Firefox, which prompted the company to announce that it is reformulating its browser by making its look more elegant and adding more sync features between devices.

On the iPhone, Apple said it would move the tab bar to the bottom of the page, rather than the top, noting that “this is easier to access and use.”

Apple has also built a new “Universal Control” feature into Macs to help control its iPads. The way it will work is very simple, all you have to do is move the mouse pointer to the side of the screen, and it will start controlling the other device, where you can move anything from the device to the other device easily.

Apple said Universal Control works across multiple devices, so you can drag an image across your iPad, MacBook, or iMac and transfer it to the other device with ease.

Siri voice assistant

Until now, Apple’s voice assistant was only available on the company’s devices, but it was announced that some companies are working with them to make Siri available on their devices as well.

For example, if your smart thermostat has a microphone and a speaker, the company will be able to add Siri to it.

The possibility of falling.. Your health on the Apple Watch

Apple added two years ago the feature of asking for help when falling to its watches, but what is new is that the Health application will determine the probability of a fall in the future before it occurs through “stability” data, which depends on the way the watch user walks and sends a warning when there is a change or the probability of falling has increased.

The company is also adding a way to share health data with your family. The company said that people will now be able to share health data with other iPhone users, and give them access to any specific data they want. The company said this would be particularly useful for families with elderly people and children.

Privacy then privacy then privacy

Apple has announced that it is enhancing the privacy feature as a way to differentiate itself from its competitors. In the new version of the operating system iOS 15, the company said that it will begin to block the “IP” addresses of its users, which means that companies will not be able to use your Internet address to identify you and track you.

She indicated that jamming her “IP” will work on the e-mail application and the “Safari” browser, adding that this will expand.