August 13, 2022

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A former Egyptian diplomat was arrested after criticizing the regime’s handling of the Renaissance Dam crisis

A human rights organization said that the Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to imprison the former Egyptian diplomat, Yehia Negm, after accusing him of joining a “terrorist group” and spreading false news.

The Egyptian Front for Human Rights said, last Sunday, that the State Security Prosecution decided a few days ago to imprison the former diplomat at the Egyptian embassy in Venezuela for 15 days pending investigations, after the security forces arrested him from his home in Cairo on May 29 and forcibly disappeared him for 4 days. .

According to the organization, the prosecution brought several charges against Najm, most notably joining a terrorist group, broadcasting false news, and misusing social media.

Negm had attacked the Egyptian state’s performance in the Renaissance Dam crisis, describing the regime’s conflicting statements as “internal delirium and personal schizophrenia” in a post on his official Facebook account.

The former diplomat said in one of his publications regarding the regime’s handling of the dam crisis, “These nonsense uttered by regime officials confirms the absence of institutions or a collective mind that runs the state, and that whoever manages matters is one party, or one person, deceiving and drugging – and even betraying – the people. Al-Masry until the completion of the construction of the dam.

The organization revealed that police officers took Negm to one of the headquarters of the National Security Agency (State Security), where the officers asked him about his posts on his personal Facebook page, and he remained there for 4 days until he was presented to the prosecution, which decided to imprison him.

Egyptian activists and media professionals criticized Najm’s arrest, asserting that he respectfully criticized the regime’s performance from within, and mocked the calls for activists to return to Egypt and the opposition from within.

Negm is considered one of the most prominent faces that opposed the Brotherhood during the rule of the late President Mohamed Morsi.

This is not the first time that Negm has been arrested, as he was imprisoned in April 2016 on charges of protesting against the border demarcation agreement with Saudi Arabia, according to which Egypt ceded the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to the Kingdom.

At that time, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that Negm had resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs years ago, and was at the time holding the rank of second secretary, and he had no connection or relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since that time.