October 19, 2021

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$ 100 million is our investment in Egypt

Lutfi Raouf, Ambassador of Indonesia, stressed the importance of deepening joint relations between Egypt and Indonesia, continuous communication between the two friendly peoples, and continuing exchange of joint cooperation in all fields, the most important of which is the economic and cultural field, noting that there are many similarities between the two countries, and this will contribute to Many opportunities to improve bilateral relations.

This came during the meeting of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, headed by Ahmed Al-Wakeel, today, Wednesday, at the chamber’s headquarters, Indonesian Ambassador Lotfi Raouf, and his accompanying delegation, to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two sides.

He also reviewed during his speech, the situation of the economy in Indonesia, and in the world after the Corona pandemic, explaining that joint work and common experience are necessary to improve competitiveness, and stressed that the result of the Corona pandemic, the decline in foreign investment in Indonesia, was offset by an increase in domestic investment.

He pointed out that the Corona pandemic threatened the prospects for economic growth not only in Indonesia, but in all of the world, as a result of the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

He added that the cultural relations between Indonesia and Egypt arose a long time ago, especially cultural relations, as Egypt is a front for many thousands of Indonesian students, who come to Cairo and Alexandria to teach Arabic language and the Islamic religion at Al-Azhar University.

He added that the Egyptian-Indonesian relations began centuries ago, and the first Egyptian president to visit Indonesia was the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, noting that Egypt was the first country in the world to recognize the independence of Indonesia.

He stated that Indonesia ranks 55th in the list of countries investing in the Egyptian market with projects whose investments exceed $ 100 million in various sectors, and there is also a tourism exchange between the two sides, as thousands of Egyptians visit Indonesia annually, and thousands of Indonesian citizens visit Egypt for tourism annually.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ahmed Al-Wakeel, Chairman of the Alexandria Chamber, welcomed the attendees, stressing the depth of the Egyptian-Indonesian relations, and that the relations between the two countries are extended and rooted over many years.

He pointed out that there are some obstacles that face the two parties during the trade exchange process, and work must be done on them to increase the rates of trade exchange between the two countries.

He stressed the importance of boosting commercial, industrial and investment cooperation and joint production efforts for a number of basic industries in the Egyptian and Indonesian economies, explaining that there is a great opportunity for Egyptian exports to enter the Indonesian market.

He also explained the importance of developing joint relations with Indonesia in the field of developing small and medium enterprises, as it is the main engine of the national economy, and one of the main sectors that provide job opportunities and support the community development system.

The two sides also stressed during the meeting the importance of strengthening economic and investment relations between Egypt and Indonesia, and developing aspects of bilateral cooperation in the commercial, economic, investment, scientific, cultural and agricultural fields, through the exchange of common experiences, in order to establish strong trade exchange operations between the two sides.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties exchanged the awarding of honor shields in appreciation of the concerted efforts and the mutual role between the Alexandria Chamber and the Embassy of Indonesia in supporting the Egyptian-Indonesian relations.

This came in the presence of members of the Board of Directors, Ashraf Abu Ismail, Hisham Jamal, and Amr Moselhi, Secretary General of the Chamber.